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Case study - in advertisement sector

Katarzyna Chomąt
25/11/2020 | 1 min read
Case study - in advertisement sector

Table of contents is a company from the e-commerce and advertising industry that offers t-shirts. 


    Situation before starting cooperation:


    • 967 reviews acquired during 4 years
    • 3,5 medium rate 


    The main problem was negative reviews on their website left without any explanation in order to clarify the matter. Many comments were written from several accounts, but by the one dissatisfied customer. The repair process started with verifying the most common problems on the client's side.


    The most common:


    • "Product not as described on the website"
    • "Poor quality"
    • "Delivery time is too long"


    We took action: 


    • Improving product descriptions
    • Production only high quality products
    • Reduction delivery time


    Obtained results:


    • 2034 positive opinions in 8 months
    • 4,5 - medium rate 


    Additional advantages for our customer: 


    • Sales from organic and direct inputs increased by as much as 45%
    • The increase in sales from Google business cards was as much as 320%.
    • Thanks to the use of widgets informing customers about the quality of products and a high rating of the store and products, the conversion rate increased by 900% (ROI).
    • Thanks to optimization for product card SEO, the cost of a click decreased.




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