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Case study - Stitch & Print - workwear, staff uniforms

Katarzyna Chomąt
05/10/2021 | 2 min read
Case study - Stitch & Print - workwear, staff uniforms

Table of contents

    In order to support store owners in building a positive image and increasing sales, one of the largest e-commerce platforms – DecoNetwork has now a very intuitive integration with Rating Captain application. Thanks to such a combination, collecting reviews from your own customers as well as managing ratings and comments from one place is much easier. Check out how easy it is to connect your DecoNetwork store with Rating Captain.



    Take a look at the results of our customer, who has a store on the DecoNetwork platform.


    Stitch & Print is an e-commerce company offering workwear, staff uniforms and printed t-shirts.


    Situation found:


    • 12 reviews collected over 7 years,
    • 3.5 – average rating.


    The problem of the store was a small number of reviews, and after all, reviews have a very important role in the whole process of making a purchase decision. Reviews show how many customers are satisfied with the company’s products, thus convincing other people to use its offer. As a result, reviews are the social proof of rightness.


    Therefore, in the case of Stitch & Print, the repair process included improvement of the sales process, improvement of after-sales communication, and verification of the most common issues.



    The customers most often complained about:


    • poor material quality,
    • inaccurate product descriptions,
    • long waiting time for the product.


    The following changes were implemented:


    • improvement of product descriptions,
    • elimination of poor quality products,
    • reduction of delivery time,
    • improved communication with the customers at each sales stage,
    • widgets with reviews on the store's website,
    • improved after-sales customer service.


    Result after 10 months:


    • 116 reviews,
    • 4.93 – average rating.


    Additional benefits for Stitch & Print:


    • increase in sales from organic searches by 47%,
    • 20% decrease in complaints and returns,
    • increase in sales from Google My Business by 153%.


    Richard Mattinson, Stitch & Print's owner: "Rating Captain helped us a lot with reviews management. We can solve problems of our customers instantly and our Google Reviews score is excellent, so we have a great conversion from our Google My Business profile".

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