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How to get feedback and product reviews in an online store/app? Customer care and rating

Katarzyna Chomąt
20/12/2022 | 4 min read
How to get feedback and product reviews in an online store/app? Customer care and rating

Table of contents

    Dynamic e-commerce development makes you face increasing competition? Do you spend money on marketing activities, but they do not bring the results you expect? A solution to meet your expectations is to obtain reviews about the products. Thanks to them you will gain trust of your customers, improve your position in search results and above all increase sales.


    Product reviews worth their weight in gold 


    Did you know that 97% of the consumers check the reviews of a company whose product or service they want to use? Why do they do it? It's simple, ratings and comments left on the Internet are social proof for them. When a potential buyer sees that many people praise the company's offer, service or delivery time, the chance that they will complete the transaction increases. 


    Since buyers trust reviews left on the Internet, it is worth taking care that they have something to check and read. Obviously, every company may face a risk of stumbling, which results in negative comments. 


    However, one should not be afraid of them, but to go forwards. Research shows that when a customer reads the company's response to an unflattering review, their willingness to make a purchase increases by 186%.


    How to respond to negative feedback? 


    Negative comments are common for every company because no company can satisfy all customers. That's why it's a good idea to know the rules of responding to the consumer reviews and every single time come out on the other side in every difficult situation:

    1. stay calm;

    2. do not send a template response;

    3. show that you care about solving the issue;

    4. don't forget about the words: sorry, please, thank you;

    5. respond quickly.


    A dissatisfied consumer expects the company to respond to his/her complaint and take steps to clarify the situation. Showing anger on the part of the company is a very bad idea, but not responding is even worse. And all it takes is an apology and a willingness to resolve the matter.


    man holding telephone screaming


    Of course, the fault doesn't always have to lie with the seller, but the word "sorry" immediately alleviates the situation and allows you to start a conversation. A professional approach is also important for the sake of the potential customers, who may decide not to buy the product just after reading the company's impolite response or because of its lack of response. Therefore, response time also plays a role.


    Where can an online store get reviews?


    Did you know that the presence of the company on at least 3 review platforms increases the chance of sales by 36%? Running an online store, you have quite a few opportunities to present your offer to the world. The most popular place to get customer reviews is, of course, your business profile in Google My Business. It's also where consumers are most likely to look for information about the company before taking advantage of its offerings.


    However, when offering products through online sales on Allegro or Ceneo, you can collect product reviews on these sites as well. Do not forget about Facebook, where you can find a special tab that allows Internet users to write their reviews.


    Pozyskiwanie opinii


    How to reduce the number of negative reviews?


    Listen to the voice of your products customers . In their reviews you will find the answer to the question of what to change in the functioning of the company to increase buyer satisfaction. It may be enough to add more accurate product descriptions or look at customer service, or perhaps you need to make bigger changes and improve the sales process, add more payment and delivery methods.


    Clearly, the way to reduce the number of poor reviews is also to collect the positive ones.


    Get effective feedback from your customers


    Customer service shouldn't end with sending a package and having it picked up by the buyer. Every company should measure the consumer satisfaction by sending a short survey or requesting feedback on a product on a reviews platform of their choice. Thanks to such activities, you show the buyers that their opinion is important to you, because you care about the development of your offer. In that way you will build a lasting relationship and your customers will recommend you to others.


    Unfortunately, it is true that satisfied buyers are less likely to add feedback. That's why it's worth motivating them, for instance, with discount coupons. Moreover, you can automate the whole process of getting positive reviews in the Rating Captain app. Once you have collected a large number of products' reviews go ahead and show them off using the widgets on your store page.


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