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How to get star ratings in Google Search Result? A few words about Rich Snippets

Katarzyna Chomąt
08/04/2022 | 4 min read
How to get star ratings in Google Search Result? A few words about Rich Snippets

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    As an entrepreneur, you certainly look for different ways to reach your customers. You invest in marketing, search engine optimization, create accurate product descriptions, take care of professional customer service. You do everything to stand out from the competition. This is exactly where Google star rating can help you.


    What are Rich Snippets?


    These are also called Rich Results, which are additional elements of search results that provide users with the most important information before they navigate to a particular web page. Rich Results include:


    • breadcrumbs showing the category to which the result belongs;
    • rating stars, which is an overall rating in the form of popular "stars", average and number of reviews;
    • featured rich snippets showing the answer to the user's question directly in the search engine;
    • a carousel used to present the latest news;
    • recipes, which present, for example, the ingredients needed to prepare a given dish.


    As you can guess, an offer highlighted in this way has an impact on the CTR. It also increases your position in the Google ranking. In order for extended snippets to be displayed in the Google search result, you need to implement structured data in the HTML code. However, you must remember that it is the search engine that decides on the display of Rich Snippets. 


    Google stars and SEO


    Rich Snippets definitely distinguish a given Google review rating from other ratings on Google, so Internet users are more likely to click on it, increasing the CTR, which affects the positioning of the website. What is very important, adding just one element, such as star review, can significantly affect this factor. You can add ratings in Google search results to all products in your shop.


    In theory, the pages in the top 3 of the search results get the most hits. However, the star rating attracts the attention of users and significantly increases the chance of a click through to the site. Therefore, it is very likely that despite a lower position in the results, your website will be chosen by users who are mainly visual learners, so the stars will convince them to visit your website.


    How to obtain star ratings in Google search from Rating Captain?


    As already mentioned, Rich Snippets including stars should be implemented by adding structured data in the HTML code. As this is not an easy task for everyone, we have created feedback widgets which, when implemented on a product website, cause the ratings and number of rviews to show up in Google results.


    The reviews presented in the widgets are obtained from your customers. In the Rating Captain application, you have the possibility to collect reviews for the Google My Business profile, as well as average rating about specific products. A customer can give your company up to 5 stars after receiving an invitation.


    You can implement customer reviews on product review on Google using product widgets. You can also add Google rating on the product card and in this case the stars will also appear in Google. Adding reviews to your website with Rating Captain is much quicker and easier and you can always ask us for help.


    Why is it important to get positive review?


    As a business owner, you need to take care of the image of your business. In this respect, it is very helpful to gain the trust of customers through reviews not only on your business profile, but also on your shop website itself. Google reviews tend to attract potential customers, showing how many consumers have already trusted your company. Product reviews on the shop page further reinforce the belief that your offer is worth using.


    Presenting reviews and ratings on your shop's website increases trust and has a positive effect on your company's image among current and future customers.

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