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How to increase sales in your online store?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
17/12/2020 | 5 min read
How to increase sales in your online store?

Table of contents

    It might be that sales in your store look pretty good and you’re just wondering what else you can do. Or you are not able to attract customers for a few months and you want to know how to improve your online store sales and how to make better revenue from it. In any case, the pattern of marketing activities to be done in the e-commerce industry does not change. You need to take care of the same aspects of your business regardless of how your store has been performing so far.


    Know your customers and adapt your offer to them


    This is an absolute must, without which there is no way to create a well earning brand. A moment of analysis is enough to notice that the most successful entrepreneurs do not have an offer aimed at everyone. They adapt to the needs of a specific target group. Marketing even uses the concept of persona, i.e. a model customer. To create one, Google Analytics information will come in handy.


    You can also use social media to get to know your customers.


    Improve the positioning of your online store


    Even the best offer will not arouse interest if nobody sees it. Therefore, invest in SEO. Despite appearances, the text on your website is not read only by people. It is also read by machines responsible for the store’s visibility in search engines. It is worth learning how to satisfy the needs of both customers and the robots that can attract them. 


    If you do not want to gain this knowledge on your own, you can outsource this task to external specialists.


    Increase your sales with Google Ads


    Google Ads campaigns are one of quick methods to improve your online store sales. When you type any search term into a search engine, you may notice that some results are displayed with the word “ad.” Their visibility is very good. Google Ads display in response to specific user questions, allowing you to easily reach your desired target group.


    You set the budget for advertisement yourself. Therefore, the effectiveness of your advertisement will strongly depend on the actions of your competitors.


    Sprzedawca i klient


    Increase the conversion rate. Make sure that your website is convenient for the user


    First, take a look at the product descriptions in your store. Do they contain all the important information for consumers? Are they easy to read? Do they arouse interest? Or do they need solid improvement?


    You should also pay attention to how easy it is to search for a particular product on the website. If it comes in several versions, opt for easy size or color search. Add to this attractive graphics that will not overwhelm your offer. Provide convenient handling of individual menus. Thanks to that your store window will actually work to your benefit.


    Take care of the shopping path optimization and reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts


    The rule here is simple. The fewer steps a customer has to take to buy something, the more likely they are to spend money. The less often they will abandon their shopping carts without finishing the transaction. Nowadays shopping is not just a duty. It has gained the status of entertainment. In order to improve sales in your online store, you have to make sure that it is entertaining, easy and fun.


    Therefore, your task is to come up with the simplest and shortest customer journey that you can create. In doing so, you need to think about both desktop and mobile consumers.


    Offer free shipping


    Stores usually offer free shipping on orders over a specific amount. This perfectly fits into the natural reflex of buyers who like to pay for specific items rather than additional services. The modern consumer prefers to add something to the cart rather than pay for delivery.


    Free shipping also blurs the distinction between in-store and online shopping, which can win many potential customers over to you.


    Get positive reviews and increase their search engine visibility


    The buying process doesn’t end when the package is delivered to the buyer. It only ends when the customer gives you a review. You work for your feedback all the time. When a consumer does not give you a review, some of your actions have no effect. Of course, you will get paid for the products you sell. But you will waste the opportunity to attract more buyers. 


    Therefore, if you want to improve sales in your online store, take care of effective acquisition of reviews.


    Use negative reviews to increase sales in your online store


    The above sentence may look like an oxymoron. Meanwhile, it is the dissatisfied customers who clearly indicate to you what needs to be fixed in your business. Listen to their comments. What is more, thank them for it. They are the ones who allow you to grow and make more money.


    Don’t forget to offer appropriate compensation to the consumer too.


    Stay in touch with your buyers. Use your newsletter, blog, and social media


    Content marketing helps boost your online store’s sales in several ways. First and foremost, it allows you to establish lasting relationships with your customers, arouse their curiosity about your offerings, and differentiate your brand from others. It also allows you to make consumers aware of a specific need that your company has found the perfect answer to. 


    Content marketing can be done through email or blogging. Social media pages are also great, where you’ll get plenty of feedback.

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