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How to remove negative reviews from Google and improve the company's image on the Internet?

Karol Bocheński
12/08/2020 | 4 min read
How to remove negative reviews from Google and improve the company's image on the Internet?

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    Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who does not check the reviews on Google before choosing the company's offer. On one hand, it is an opportunity to effectively promote your business. On the other hand, it is hard not to treat this situation as a threat. Even if every effort is made in your company to guess and satisfy all customer needs, you will eventually find someone who is not satisfied. And it immediately paves the way to a negative comment. 


    Are you trying hard and your rating is still low? Do not give up. There are at least several strategies to improve your reputation on Google.


     Is it possible to delete negative reviews or negative google reviews?


    Yes and no. If you count on simply deleting negative comments, you will be sorely disappointed. Remember, however, that Google's terms and conditions are designed to protect not only your customers but you as well. You can remove a negative review by reporting a policy violation. However, your report will not always be considered. In reality, you can only remove reviews that promote hatred or contain profanity. Unwanted ads or spam will also be deleted. 


    If the client expresses real objections to your way of acting and is able to express it in a cultural way, you have to look for other methods. Removing negative reviews is possible if you decide to set up a new company profile on Google Maps. Of course, along with bad reviews, you will also lose the good ones, and you will have to build your company's reputation from scratch. This method is worth it only in really extreme cases. Especially in light of the fact that Google algorithms can detect similar actions with fairly high precision. 


    Deleting a Google Maps business profile and creating a new one with the same address comes along with the automatic transfer of old opinions. You will not benefit from this method at all. A new business profile must have a different location. Remember, however, that setting up a new company account in Google Maps requires re-verification, which is often done by sending a postcard with a code to the address provided. So your new address must be legitimate or at least you must have real access to it.



    What can you do if Google makes it difficult to remove negative reviews?


    You can start by doing the groundwork. First of all, remember that if people bought goods only from stores that have the maximum five-star rating, the economy would be down within a week. Nobody expects perfection. What counts, is how you react, when you happen to make a mistake.


    You need to respond to negative reviews with full professionalism. There is no point in getting into a verbal fight. Such behavior may be more detrimental than opinions left without any comment. One should try to solve the customer's problem instead of making them angrier. Remember, removing negative reviews is difficult. However, they can be changed. More specifically, dissatisfied customers can do it when you show them that you care about them.


    If you want to know how to get positive feedback over negative feedback, focus on listening to your buyers. Perhaps the problem was with a delivery that took too long. It can also be about the quality of the product or insufficient protection of the order during shipping. There are plenty of possible causes of dissatisfaction. Your task is to recognize them and suggest a solution to the problem.


    Using our tools, you can analyze the sentiment of reviews that your company has gained thus far. Additionally, you will gain precise information on the difficulties faced by your clients at every stage of making transactions with your company. We can also show you how to communicate with disappointed customers so that they can come back to you and even turn them into regular income-generating buyers.

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