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How to send a link to Google My Business review? Method for computer and application on Google Play

Katarzyna Chomąt
31/08/2020 | 5 min read
How to send a link to Google My Business review? Method for computer and application on Google Play

Table of contents

    Google reviews are very important. They are used by as many as 97% of buyers. The reason for such a high popularity of Google Maps service is quite simple. Consumers use it at different times of their lives. A trip to a foreign city? No problem. With Google Maps, you can always find the best way to your destination. And since you’re headed somewhere, you want to know what others think of the place.


    Google Maps is more than just navigation. It’s also a way to show off to your friends. Ever been somewhere? You rate that place on Google Maps. That’s why, as an entrepreneur, you need to make sure you rank high on this site.


    What do I need a link from Google Maps for?


    You can share this link to your customers. Of course, you should add a message to it. Be professional. Don’t go into details. Express your thanks for recent purchases in your store. Ask about the satisfaction level of their transaction. State you care to hear the opinions of your buyers. Conclude with a nice touch.


    The tone of your speech should be official and humble. This will ensure that people are willing to help you by providing answers. Remember that it’s not just about raising your rating. Every piece of information is valuable. Negative feedback will help you improve your service. This in turn will lead to an inflow of positive recommendations in the future.


    Do I need to install anything?


    Generating a link on your computer does not require any preparation. All you need is a browser.


    Creating a link using a smartphone is just as easy. However, you must have the Google Maps app. On Android phones, download it from the Google Play store. On Apple smartphones, the equivalent of Google Play is the App Store.


    How do I create a short business name in Google Maps?


    Creating a short name is important. Otherwise, your link will be long. It will not look professional. Short names are only available for verified businesses.


    You create the name for a specific profile. If you have a chain of stores, you need to create a short name for each of them. Despite appearances, this is not difficult. The short name must relate to the actual business name. When one company has outlets in different locations, just add the street or city to the name.


    To create a short name on your computer, sign in to your Google My Business account. Select your location. Then select the information item in the menu and add a short name. Click on “apply.”


    On your smartphone or tablet, open the Google My Business app. Select the profile option. Add a short profile name. Select the “save” option.


    In each case, you will have to wait a while for approval. Once you get it, you will perform one more action and it will be possible to share the feedback link.


    link do recenzji google moja firma


    How do I get a link to Google reviews on my computer and smartphone?


    The last step is to create a short URL. On a computer, all you need to do is:

    1. Sign in to your Google My Business account

    2. Select your location

    3. Select “Home Page” from the menu

    4. Copy the link from the “Get More Reviews” field


    On mobile devices:

    1. Use the Google My Business app

    2. Select the customers tab

    3. Click on “Reviews”

    4. Select the “Share” option

    5. Copy the link


    On smartphones and tablets, a short name is absolutely necessary. Without it, creating a link to the feedback will be impossible. On a computer, you can generate a URL without the short name. However, it will be long. There is a risk that your customers will treat the message containing it as spam. Long links are suspicious. People know that they can lead to areas of the Internet that they would rather not venture into of their own accord.


    How do I share a generated link?


    This is entirely up to you. Your employees can send an email to customers. You can also send it via text message. These methods are the most obvious and will allow for a quick response.


    As the link is short, you can also use it in a traditional way. Put it on a business card. Attach it to your order. A short link will also fit well on advertising flyers.


    An interesting option is to replace the link with a QR code. Your customers will scan it in a few seconds. Thanks to this, they will quickly get to the feedback site. However, it is worth remembering that not every consumer knows how to deal with this type of codes. Therefore, use this solution in moderation.

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