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Instagram marketing. How to alienate your clients in social media?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
09/02/2022 | 4 min read
Instagram marketing. How to alienate your clients in social media?

Table of contents

    As many as 19 million Polish people regularly use social media. This means that every second resident of our country willingly visits social networks. 89% of these users most often direct their steps to Facebook. Instagram, in turn, is visited by 55% of them. It is worth noting that the popularity of Instagram is growing much faster than the popularity of competing platforms.


    Do you have a profile on Instagram? That’s great. See what your competitors are doing to discourage clients. Laugh at them. And then take a peek at your profile and make sure it’s free of the mistakes listed here.


    Set your company account as private and enjoy the solitude. This is what you’re on social media for


    Florence Foster Jenkins reportedly interviewed every person who wanted to buy a ticket to her concert. Who was she? The most famous… and worst opera singer of all time. 


    Be like Florence. Pass up a fortune and stand at the threshold of a crisis. Burn opportunities that come your way in the 21st century. You can afford to block strangers’ access to your business account. If they don’t see it, they won’t criticize it. That’s what Instagram marketing is all about and no one will convince you otherwise.


    Do not respond to comments. After all, you think they will generate sales on their own


    Oh well, why bother. People will talk to each other. The best marketing activities are those in which you put the least amount of your own energy. Post a boring picture of a body lotion. Write that it is a lotion. Let them discuss it. After all, they should know it is good.


    And, don’t forget. When someone writes something unpleasant, fire back. Show them you value yourself. Give him a hard time. Let him know where he belongs.


    Instagram marketing? Just go with the flow. Why do you need goals?


    Generally speaking, the hippies were right. Pure intuition, no boring market research. You will captivate people with spontaneity alone. For example, using any hashtag that comes to your mind. 


    Just hearing about your campaign’s goals makes you sick. And yet, crowds are won with ease. It doesn’t matter what kind of crowds. Some crowds. Anyone who comes along will be good. They may not even make a purchase, as long as the traffic keeps rolling in.


    Hold on believing that Instagram Stories don’t work. You know better


    Well, they don’t. Or at least yours don’t work. In fact, you don’t bother to read up on how to make them work. You happened to upload a video once and it didn’t work. So you have a clear proof that they don’t work. That’s right.



    Or Facebook or Instagram. Because you have to focus, right?


    Facebook is no-no. Instagram is the future. Instagram integration with Facebook ad panel is some kind of black magic. It’s better not to use it. It is obvious that anyone who knows how to combine the benefits of both portals is some kind of hoax. You’re on Insta, and that means you don’t have to be anywhere else. End of story.


    On your profile on Instagram go for quantity, not quality


    Consider that Instagram marketing is simple. You just need to upload a lot of photos. The kind that are out of the ordinary. Visible pixels? Oh, what the heck. Ill-considered composition? So what? The important thing is that something is happening, right? And what is corporate image?


    Influencer marketing? That is beneath your dignity


    Influencers are like a more modern celebrity. Just like their predecessors, they are known for being popularity. You don’t care about being famous. You just want to reach your clients. That’s something completely different. This is why you won’t learn anything from influencers. Well, you won’t.


    And how? Not very reasonable, right? Well. So now open up your profile on Instagram and see what’s going on there. Just to check it out.

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