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Real Time Marketing – what is the popular RTM?

Katarzyna Chomąt
22/12/2021 | 4 min read
Real Time Marketing – what is the popular RTM?

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    Spontaneous marketing actions are increasingly being used by various companies. Such actions are usually based on current events in the country or in the world and they allow to stand out on the market. Of course such actions may bring the opposite effect than the one intended, and therefore with spontaneous actions it is paradoxically important to prepare in advance.


    What is Real Time Marketing?


    Real Time Marketing is a strategy of conducting marketing activities in real time and referring to current events. Usually social media are the place for such actions due to the possibility of quick message sharing. It also happens that brands use RTM in newsletters or Google Ads campaigns. What is the most important for RTM actions? Definitely monitoring the news and the reaction time, because publishing a message after several hours may not be as interesting for Internet users as it was at the beginning.


    Why is it worth using RTM?


    The RTM can make your brand famous within one day. A well conducted action may increase the brand’s reach, its recognition, and even generate greater sales profits. Of course, it is also a chance to build closer relationships with existing users. What’s more, creative approach to the chosen topic, allows to go beyond the scheme and show a different side. However, it is important that the created content is consistent with the brand values, which prevents the action from giving the impression of artificiality.


    It’s also worth noting that RTM activities are not associated with large expenses. Brands that skillfully create messages, which are a kind of a wink to the audience, enjoy many reactions under this type of creations in social media. Making people smile is what activates Internet users to enter into dialogue with a brand or to pass its messages on. According to the Smart Insight report, 76% of respondents believe that real-time marketing has increased audience engagement.



    How to create effective Real Time Marketing?


    Is it possible to plan an action within this kind of marketing? If you want to send out a message related to an event that will definitely take place, nothing stands in the way of preparing the creative concept and then modifying it depending on the situation. Let’s illustrate it with an example: there is going to be a soccer match and, of course, in most cases we are not able to predict the outcome, but a company can think about creating an appropriate creative concept already before the match. The situation is different in case of unplanned events. This is when reflexes and internet monitoring come in handy.



    Are you wondering how to deal with Real Time Marketing? Start by monitoring the Internet to find the event that can help you promote your company. Of course, don’t create your message by force, because your audience in the end will sense that you are artificially trying to gather more reach.



    Reaction time is also important in this type of action, so as soon as you find information that circulates around the world and additionally evokes emotions, is often commented on and simply talked about, as soon as possible use it for advertising purposes of your brand.



    Real Time Marketing allows you to show creativity, as well as a sense of humor and distance. Remember, your message needs to be original in order to generate interest, even if the topic is already captured by a dozen other companies.



    When creating your creative concept, remember about your target audience. Good RTM will relate to your company’s communication strategy, as well as bring a smile to your audience’s faces and encourage them to share your message. To reach a larger audience on social media use hashtags (you can also come up with a special hashtag that you will create as a part of the campaign).




    Real Time Marketing can provide quite a lot of good for the company, but if it is not done properly, it can negatively affect the company’s perception. As you probably noticed, even a spontaneous action should be preceded by thinking whether it is worth publishing a given post and whether it is consistent with the brand values. You can also observe how other companies manage this, not necessarily in your industry. Without a doubt, Ikea does a great job of creating real-time marketing by linking products and their names to current events.


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