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What is storytelling and how to use it?

Katarzyna Chomąt
20/11/2020 | 4 min read
What is storytelling and how to use it?

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    People have always been interested in curious stories and this is the reason for the fairy tales and legends. So why don’t you use storytelling to create a narrative for your business? Are you wondering how to persuade people to your company and gain loyal customers? Would you like to consolidate the existence of your brand in the awareness of your clients? Then read on to learn how to talk about your business so people are going to love it.


    What is storytelling about? 


    Storytelling is the art of telling stories in such a way to establish a relationship with the audience. Narrative marketing is the perfect tool for building trust in your company. It is extremely effective, but also seems to be a real challenge. Storytelling is about referring to shared experiences with your community, as well as showing the needs which should be well understood. A good story arouses emotions and brings value. Storytelling can therefore lead to providing informations about products, services, but it is also a good tool to expose the main mission of your company. 



    Interesting story as a key to success 


    If your goal is to win the hearts of your customers, storytelling might be the key to achieving it. Storytelling creates a higher level of communication with the client. By telling stories strengthens growth of the brand image and builds trust in it. Moreover, the audience is able to identify themselves and engage in the story of your brand. Thanks to above-mentioned action potential customers will find your services as the best option in the market. And if they do not take advantage of the offer themselves, they will be happy to tell their family or friends about you.


    Why does storytelling work? 


    What makes, that more and more people admire storytelling and introduce it to their businesses? Certainly the fact that it is not an intrusive form of marketing. People are more aware and able to judge when someone is trying to influence or force them to do something. Storytelling is based on emotions and imagination, therefore it looks like an advertisement without advertising. It is important to know that the emotional message is much easier to remember. Even if the customer does not decide to accept your offer at a given moment, the message that touched him will be remembered. A good example of storytelling is the Allegro Christmas spot, in which an elderly man bought a language course on Allegro. Thanks to this, he went abroad and talked to his grandson, which he hadn’t had the opportunity to do before. It is obvious, not everyone bought the courses after watching the spot, but the campaign was remembered positively.


    How to use storytelling?


    Would you like to create your story? Let’s learn the rules of storytelling! To tell a story, you need to know what your brand is, what the message is and how it should be perceived. Also consider who is your target group, think about features of your customers. Who will get the most benefits from your product? Ask yourself what is your mission and what makes you different. Also consider how your offer meets the customer's needs. Analyze your social media to ensure consistency you need. Are the company's mission and vision visible there? Would your followers and customers be able to point to them? It is a very good practice to check from time to time what people think about your company.


    Now when you realize the potential behind the word storytelling and you know how to apply it, just tell your customers your brand story.


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