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Why can't I see my Google reviews? The mysteries of Google My Business reviews

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
06/04/2022 | 4 min read
Why can't I see my Google reviews? The mysteries of Google My Business reviews

Table of contents

    Yes, Google can delete a Google review in a split second. Even those that are already old. For business owners, this can be a real tragedy. Especially if they built their reputation mainly on Google. If you are a reviewer, it hurts you above all when you give a negative review. You didn't spend your time warning other users of the service for the company to keep operating.


    Instead of getting frustrated endlessly, discover the 7 reasons why your review is not shown on Google Maps. Being aware of them, you'll know how to post number of business reviews that will remain on the service forever.


    You are using vulgar or offensive language and images on Google review page


    You are a human being. You may sometimes swear in private conversations. However, Google promotes culture and Google doesn't hesitate to point this out. Swear words, vulgar gestures in photos and graphics, words that are generally considered offensive. This simply cannot happen here. You can express your dissatisfaction without that.


    Google may also remove any content that discriminates against a person or group. As well as threats, incitement to harm yourself or others, and any attempt to harass or intimidate.


    Spam and Google's review added from one computer will be deleted as well


    Have you ever thought of adding a few positive reviews with lots of stars under your Google business profile? Do you think that reviews on Google published from another Google account are good enough to cheat potential customers? Google's search engine can usually recognise such practices with laser precision. 


    What's worse, if you leave the review like this often, you could receive the gift of having your account deleted. Contrary to appearances, this is good information. If someone tries the same thing on you, Google will give as good as it gets. 

    Dlaczego nie widać mojej opinii Google?


    You miss the point or publish fake review


    Perhaps it's five o'clock in the morning after a sleepless night and you've come up with a devilish idea. As a creative person you decide to use Google Maps to publish your thoughts and write a review. Political, personal, social... Anything but not about the local business place you are commenting on. 


    Why can't you see many reviews on Google search? It' s enough that the owner of the business card has contact Google support to verify your review. That review will disappear, together with any misleading content. 


    You post unauthorised links and promotional content in Google's business opinion


    Do you offer products or services that are prohibited in your location? These might include gambling, alcohol, firearms or erotic services. Do you think that Google Maps would be a perfect place for you to promote yourself? You' re wrong. Google will happily remove all customer reviews that include email addresses, phone numbers and links to your business listing. 


    If you leave a review that contains a price or coupon for prohibited products and services, it will suffer the same fate.


    Google My Business suspects you of terrorism or a crime


    Google doesn't tolerate terrorism in any form. It will not allow the promotion of actions or recruitment into terrorist groups. Or any other activity that may benefit terrorist organisations. Illegal services, products and activities that are against the law or dangerous must not be promoted either. In addition, the promotion of violence, pornography and infringement of the copyrights of others is prohibited.


    Conflict of interest under Google's business profile. Positioning of competitors on Google My Business profile


    Among the "ingenious" ideas of some entrepreneurs, the most important is the one about unfair competition. Giving a competitor a negative review might cost you a lot. Google will remove the review, so you won't achieve anything long-term with it as negative Google reviews are not showing.


    Likewise, you cannot post a review about your own company. Surprisingly, you must also not write reviews about your former or current employer's activities in such a way.


    Temporary problems with bad reviews and positive reviews posted on Google Maps


    The last reason is not very common. However, it needs to be mentioned to keep things in order. 


    At the beginning of the pandemic, Google employees had to start working remotely massively. On March 20, 2020, the digital giant therefore suspended the publication of new reviews. After the reorganisation, everything returned to standard. Although it cannot be ruled out that such situations may occur in the future.

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