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Customer review platform
for your business

Build brand trust with high-impact customer text, photo and video reviews that drive sales, increase site traffic and deliever actionable business insights.
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Gain trust of your customers through reviews
97% of consumers are looking for reviews about the company before making a purchase. Take care of the constant growth of reviews and ratings from your customers and enjoy the increase in sales.
Invitation system
Create email invitations acordingly to your brand's visual identity.
Reviews and rating
Send invitations to your customers and collect feedback on various platforms.
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How it works
less negative reviews
more positive reviews
more returning customers
more revenue
Boost your review profiles
Companies with profiles on at least 3 ratings and reviews platforms achieve 36% more sales. Make sure that your company is present where your potential customers are looking for answers.
Review portals
Choose the platforms on which your customers will review your business.
Review feedback
Observe your company growth reviews on all reviews portals from one place.
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Deal with your customers' issues
Check what solutions we have prepared for you and your business to support mediation with your customers.
Explore Management Features
Use various methods of collecting reviews
In Rating Captain you will gain reviews not only by using standard mail sending, but also SMS messages and check out pop-ups. Find out which option will bring you the best results.
SMS invitations
The vast majority of your customers have a smartphone. There is a bigger chance of reading an SMS than an email.
Checkout pop-ups
It is a quick and effective way to get an review right after the transaction in your ecommerce.
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You are in good company
Here are a few brands who trust Rating Captain for their Reviews & User Generated Content.

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We provide a whole lot of useful knowledge about reviews and ratings. Learn how to improve your performance.
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