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1653954123!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChdDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUNPaU9yUHpBRRAB!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgICOiOrPzAE%7CCgwIy6zVlAYQoMe40gI%7C?hl=en-US
Harold Montgomery
I would rate this company at Zero stars if I could. This is hands down the worst package delivery company I have ever dealt with. I had a shipment that was sent from West Africa to Chicago. It arrived in Chicago and was never scanned upon its arrival. Everyone I spoke with told me to relax, it was on the way, etc. After a few days they finally realized it was lost and initiated a trace. The trace agent never called nor did they ever pick up the phone to provide me an update. One day the box just suddenly shows up, no one calls me to tell me it was found. Meanwhile several days had passed and I had to reproduce most of the items in the box. Why brag about your technology when your workers are too lazy to scan packages, or communicate to your customers? I requested a refund due to their negligence and was quickly denied. I escalated this to the corporate level sending the Presidents office a letter of the sequence of events. No one at corporate ever contacted me regarding this. Every department I dealt with never returned my calls, and never followed up. You basically are on your own with this company if something goes awry. Its a wonder they are still in business in the US. Stay away from this company.
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Krystal Woodson
The worst service ever! I was suppose to get my package left at my house, and they didnt leave it saying no one was home! Then after telling me it was gone be delivered the next day, I made sure we sat with the front door open the whole day, still no package but was saying out for delivery the whole day. I spoke to about 4 different representatives, and they were no help. They know its the holiday so now I cant get my package til after Monday. A real inconvenience.
1653670267!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChdDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUQyMTl5ZHNRRRAB!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgID219ydsQE%7CCgwI-4LElAYQuITHnwE%7C?hl=en-US
Kyle Anderson
I have seen many bad reviews for this place which made me very worried when I had two packages come through here. But don't worry too much, both packages of mine that went through there were in and out of that facility same day. I'm not saying things never go wrong there, I'm just saying don't worry too much cause I've only had good experiences.
1652827019!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChZDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUQyOGRIRFZBEAE!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgID28dHDVA%7CCgwIi8eQlAYQ6Of0nwE%7C?hl=en-US
Simone Smalling
No one at this company seems to know where my package is and why it is more than 2 days late after I paid extra for 1 day shipping. Got the run around from canada to USA and to me, it's simple. Call the depot where the package is currently at and find out what is going on. My client was even willing to drive 1.5 hours to pick it up because he needed it desperately. Looks like most of the reviews about DHL are similar to mine. Can't trust them to ship my package anymore. I wish they would care more and put proper procedures in place to give updates and find information regarding a package that was guaranteed to reach in 1-day.
1652773706!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChdDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUQya1lDOWdRRRAB!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgID2kYC9gQE%7CCgsIyqaNlAYQ2Pq3cQ%7C?hl=en-US
Theresa Dobson
They should offer better ways of receiving own package. Like, it asks where should they deliver package. If not deliverable they should leave it at resident office Post Office or leave a trusted apartment, message.
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