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Last update: 14.07.2024

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Didnt even put cheese on my chicken cheese steak which is usually on point but this time no forgot the ranch sauce for the chicken tenders (which were soggy ) and gave me 3 honey hot sauces.. like what sense does that make if you specifically ordered ranch loland when I called the store to specifically ask for cheese whiz on my sandwich before hand, the women that answered sounded like she was in the wrong line of work cause she definitely had an attitude for no reason..smh 3rd and final time ordering from here
Clifton Gregory
Thanks for your honest and detailed feedback. We will definitely being sharing this information with our cooks to ensure that your next experience is on point! We appreciate you!
Usually good .. I ordered recently again thru there website (delivery) and the wings werent sauced entirely which sucked cause the honey hot sauce was good the chicken-cheese steak was good I had some overcooked pieces that were chewy but overall they lived up to their name with the food
recklessaqueen recklesslyaqueen
As stated when you initiated your scam, one cook is bald, the other has straight black hair. Due to the way we prepare our food, it is wrapped and then placed in a box and sealed BY THE COOKS. There is no way that the straight blond hair you CLAIM was in your food could have come from this establishment. The person you claim "admitted" she had blond hair is the 66 year old lady who answers the phones and directs the drivers. First, she is NEVER behind the grill. Second, her blond hair is a short blond afro. She does not have straight hair nor hair that long. And FYI: Signs your being scammed: (1) Customer claims to have been ordering for years yet has not history of ordering, (2) Customer threatens a negative review if demands are not complied with, and (3) customer makes claim that is just not possible. We are routinely inspected and pass every inspection. We have been operating since October 2016 and make great efforts to ensure that our customers receive the best we can give. We never have, and never will, allow ourselves to be scammed. All complaints are taken seriously and handled accordingly. This complaint lacks any credible evidence and since it relies on the impossible being possible, it is appropriately called what it is. A SCAM ATTEMPT.
I have been ordering from here over 3 years and I had a hair in my food. Never had this problem before. I dont have blonde hair the lady admitted to having blonde hair. Instead of them helping me they tried to say Im scamming. No one has to scam yall when Ive been spending money with yall for 3 years. At that point yall could of took the food back and gave me either a new meal or my refund. And like I said dont have to scam for $34 when I didnt have a problem with the chicken and I never had a problem before until I had hair in my shrimp. And its sad cause yall do have delicious food. Yalll just wasnt being sanitary obviously.
Thanks Vaughn! Yes, hopefully one day soon we will be able to deliver to Conshy on the regular, but for now, we can only do it sometimes. :)
this was my go to spot when i was in college living in west philly, i now live in conshohocken and sometimes they deliver to my area, but most times not, hoping they open the delivery zone to reach the conshohocken area because i sure do miss my late night food from night owl, they're the best
Marissa Tierney
I read the rest of the reviews and it appears that the food actually does come. A lot. In fact, absent a computer error beyond our control, the only way the food would not come is a customer doesn't answer the phone (usually due to not updating their number or putting in a wrong digit) AND doesn't call the restaurant before we close, as we have a free re-delivery policy. Failing to call the restaurant usually means the customer fell asleep. As relates to your issue, you weren't the one who ordered from us. It was your boyfriend, Edwin. When the driver called him he didn't answer. As is our policy, when the customer is unreachable drivers are to move on to the next customer because its unfair to keep other customers waiting. Your boyfriend was upset that he would have to wait for the driver to finish his route and asked to cancel and for a refund. The refund was issues that night. So the reason YOUR BOYFRIEND didn't get his food was because he didn't answer the phone and then cancelled the order. P.S.: We keep really good records of what happens with all the orders.
Their food never comes read the rest of the reviews