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Linktree - reviews

Information about Linktree

6 reviews
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Caitlin Hodges
Absolutely amazing service! Contacted for some last minute tradeshow catalogs. When we had a mini emergency with banners they came through in clutch and helped us out last minute! Definitely on our to use for all west coast/Vegas shows in the future
Joey Fioti
Amazing. They start with crisp on the bottom, flavorful, light olive oil focaccia/ciabatta style loaves. Then they top with chef crafted quality ingredients to form SUCH flavorful combos...oh and the cheese...they do something like whip the mozzarella until it's whipped cream consistency, like a cloud, that effortlessly melts away and blends with the spice of the pepperoni and other toppers. Everything about the slice is delicious, flavorful, bold, but also delicate. Seriously some of the best..if not the best.. pizza I've ever had. I only wish they were open more hours. (Pizza by the slice, not available to grab for a quick lunch or afternoon snack) And they only take card.. If they could move to the suburbs and get a drive thru + dine in location, I bet there'd be lines of cars all day long. Anyways, great product.
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