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SkyNet - reviews

Information about SkyNet

828 reviews
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jeehee kim
This place definitely needs to hire more staff. There is only one person in charge of customer service, getting all the phone calls ALONE. Of course my call is never picked up because the staff is occupied all the time. I went to the warehouse because of very confusing wording of package status (not specifically saying which Hub the package arrived at, between the Skynet or the third party shipping companys warehouse) and the phone call being never picked up. There, I saw one guy in a small booth answering phone calls. After hanging up, the staff helped me with very good attitude. He was so kind and helpful. 5 stars for the staff and -2 stars for the companys poor resource allocation. Please hire more people for customer service and give them a better work environment. Also, provide specific information on package status so that customers dont freak out.
This company is so bad they need to be shut down. They need to be punished for the pain they cause their customers. I wish I could order asos, but they only use skynet express. So... I can't buy asos.
Constantina Karaniki
If you can avoid using them, I highly recommend it. I wanted to use their services to return my ASOS order. Booked a pickup date. They never bothered coming. I called. They just dont pick up. I went myself there and was banging on their door because it was locked. After I managed to hand over the package, it has been sitting with them for about another week until it was processed for return. I REALLY wish i made this up. Overall, after three weeks Ive managed to send back the package.
Deena Robinson
Drivers make excuses as to why they can't deliver your package, but you can't get in touch with Skynet to find out where your package is. I tried emailing, calling, Whatsapping and Facebook messaging them and nothing. Shocking service.
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