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Ryan Cole
I am changing my review of this place from a 5 to a 2 star. This place was sold to new owners and this is not the same place. From a lack of communication with parents, constant room changes for kids due to EXTREME lack of staff (most of the school is run with temps), no communication between staff and two large price increases this year. My child had an accident on the playground slide and there was no report or urgency to let us know what happened. After a few days we let them know we had to take him to a Dr appointment and they had no clue what happened, so we reminded them, we found out he fractured his arm and had to cast it, upon walking in the next day they were surprised and asked what happened again forgetting the conversation. Anytime you bring up something to management all they say is it's noted but nothing ever comes from it. So if you are thinking of this school you may want to take note too look elsewhere.
Jazmyn Rae
My niece was going here for a while (almost a year) and she would come home HUNGRY. Her lotions/ointments weren't being applied even though there was a doctors note about how often it should be applied. Her skin looked TERRIBLE. They were extremely rude & on multiple occasions caught talking about my niece in a negative way. would NOT recommend this place at all. After posting this on another app, they proceeded to message my nieces mom, telling her some very rude things & then removed the review. This place seems very unprofessional. I would give this no stars if I could.
Cortney Downey
I started working here after hearing such great reviews from a family member that had a child attending tle. I was told they were kind, operated smoothly, taught children redirection, and managed all of her childs needs. I thought this could be the perfect place to get my foot in the door of child care. I worked here for only a couple days before I started to notice red flags. I noticed that the daycare wasnt as clean and organized as promised on the website. Students diapers, wipes, and medication cream were being used freely between all the students in a classroom. Diapers werent being changed on schedule, so children would develop rashes and then be sent outside in 70 degree weather w a dirty diaper. Childrens belongings such as cups, bibs, binks, and clothing would be sent home with different children almost on a daily. I did the best with my power as a teachers assistant to care for all the children, show love to the children, and make sure their needs were being met as far as feeding, changing, cuddling, keeping them clean and unharmed. I noticed my priorities were not the same as my peers around me, others would wait prolonged amounts of time before changing a students dirty diaper, and forget to give them their medication cream. some would not teach redirection and instead teach the children to inflict pain on the students who are injuring others. (Bully the bully concept) If children had high fevers, the directors would brush it off, if children got Injured directors would occasionally lie about the incident to refuse responsibility. Directors would talk bad about parents, students, and workers to each other, then turn around and tell us to sign a no drama in the work place paper. All these things are something to think about when finding ANY daycare but this is just from my experience being on the inside.
Carol Sant
Carol, we are so happy to hear about your son's wonderful experience with us! Choosing a child-care provider can be a difficult decision and we are so happy that we could provide you with what you were looking for! Thanks again for this great review. We hope you have a great day!
I actually moved my son here from another daycare because of concerns I was having with the care the staff was providing. We've been at TLE for a little over a year and yes my son has had 2 teacher in that time but each and every one of them has been . We love Ms. JOSELYN she is exceptional and truly loves her kiddos. Thank you TLE for allowing me to be care-free whilst at school/work. The last thing I worry about is whether my child is being taking care of .
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