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City of Dallas - City Hall
City of Dallas - City Hall - logo
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City of Dallas - City Hall - reviews

Information about City of Dallas - City Hall

67 reviews
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1653824116!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChdDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSUQybjZfSjd3RRAB!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgID2n6_J7wE%7CCgsI9LTNlAYQuOWwEQ%7C?hl=en-US
Code enforcement needs to be fired. They told me they can be doing something else instead of coming out for 24hr parking. Why did you have it on the list if you don't want to do your job? I have not been able to sit my trash out because the people across the street has about 7 cars but they manage to leave a space on they side of the street for their trash to be picked up. Also the car that I complain about the inspection has been out since Feb and he told me he can't have it towed. He put a sticker after 11 days but it's back over her when trash day is coming tomorrow. They have a tow truck the size of a fire truck. He told me if they have it parked he will have it towed. He pick and choose what he want to do. I told him since they not doing nothing I would not complain online. Guess I will have to drive my trash to the dump on Saturday because it's no where to sit your trash can on Gentry Dr. They are quick to write tickets that they can make money on. They can tell you what you can and can't do with your property but when you complain about something that belongs to them they don't do anything about it. These people get paid to do nothing. Ride around all day with our tax money. Just pitiful.
1648593498!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChZDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSURXcGR6b0F3EAE!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgIDWpdzoAw%7CCgwI2pSOkgYQkO3slQM%7C?hl=en-US
Chance Moser
Awful. Truly, honestly, awful. I've never interacted with an organization that worked so hard to do nothing. I just had one bin not serviced with no explanation given. It's not that they missed my house, I have 2 bins and only one was serviced. Both were right next to each other. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.
1647707327!4m8!14m7!1m6!2m5!1sChZDSUhNMG9nS0VJQ0FnSURXa3J5NmJnEAE!2m1!1s0x0:[email protected]:CIHM0ogKEICAgIDWkry6bg%7CCgsIv4nYkQYQiMnZJA%7C?hl=en-US
Community Insights
You work 8-5. Ok, but some violations occur outside those hours. So ok, I'm sure you are aware your online system is extremely flawed. It won't take reports because error messages tell you, the address is outside of service area. Come on now, even my home address outside of area. Brilliant way to reduce workload.
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5101 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 8
Los Angeles, CA 90029
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