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Connections Academy reviews

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Thank you, we're so glad you've enjoyed it. We hope to see you again next year! ~Bri
Great alternative for an Indiana school. Highly recommend!
Crystal bernard
Hi Crystal. Thank you for your feedback. Our school aims to give all students and families a safe, positive environment where learning and collaboration are highly valued. It's great to hear your son got such good grades, but I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with your teacher. I will share your feedback with our school administrators. ~Bri
WORSE SCHOOL EVER! my son attended Indiana connections academy I will say my son will NEVER attend this school ever again! My son had Mrs Gunn as his second grade teacher she is rude and always ran me around always cut my son down like he wasn't doing good enough he was an A-B student. Then when you had a question about portfolios she would make smart comments like ( You should know since we been on this lesson for a little while now) just plaine out rudeness. Then I just looked at his grade book and she left nothing but negative stuff to say even though he passed with a 87% . Also the teachers likes to send out emails to parents on certain days stating that ALL students need to attend live lessons so they can get state funding. Just tells you this school is only about money absolutely pathetic
Ryan Z
Hi Ryan, Thank you for the kind words! We're so happy to hear that you're having a great experience. ~Alexis
Best school ever!! Kids are treated fairly and not given a lot of work!! LL's last from 8:30 am till 11:00 am!! 2:30 hrs. of LL's! Academical support!! I felt so good in GACA and my Overall for ELA is 88%!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! BEST VERTUAL SCHOOL!! CARE FOR KIDS!! KIND AND LOVELY TEACHERS!!!TRUE SYMPATHY HERE!! PARENTS/LEARNING COACHES: ENROLL YOUR KIDS INTO GAGA!!! GENTLE AND KIND TEACHERS. THEY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO YOUR BEST!!
Princess Yonna
Hi Rayonna, thank you for taking the time to leave a 5-star review! We are happy to hear you are enjoying Georgia Connections Academy. ~Regina
This school is great for students who find it easy working with computers and can stay motivated. The teachers call every month to check in (you will probably receive a webmail from your homeroom teacher monthly to schedule your homeroom call) and you can always book a call anytime that you need to speak to a specific teacher. If urgent, you can webmail (basically messaging) your teacher for a quick reply which could take around 5 minutes to an hour for a response, sometimes a day later if your teacher is busy. You can also join for live help time, which is if you need quick help or a question. Live help time is from 11am-12pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, there isnt one for Wednesday. If you were to fail a test or portfolio (which is basically a worksheet or writing assignment) you get another chance to retake it and some teachers are nice enough to give another EXTRA chance. Quizzes and quick checks cannot be retaken. Dual enrollment is available for 11th grade students. You can easily get off track and it can become a large workload so stay up to date with your assignment due dates and itll be easy. All major assignments have a due date, late due date, and penalty due date. For example if you have an assignment due January 10th, your late due date will probably be January 16th, and penalty due date for January 26th . If you dont turn in your assignment for January 10th your assignment will be marked as a zero until you get it turned in and it will replace the zero. If you turn in your assignment after the penalty date even if you did everything correctly you cannot get past a 75 on your assignment, so theres plenty of time given to complete overdue assignments. You can view your due dates for these major assignments by going to your message board and clicking on your assignment tracker for that specific course. Some assignments wont be in connexus, but inside of Schoology or USATestPrep. Some assignments in connexus will be edited (which means you have to complete a different assignment for that lesson) or skipped (which means you do not have to complete the lesson or any additional assignment). If you see an eraser on a lesson , that means a change has been made, always read the alert your teacher left for the lesson.
Hi. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your experience. I'd love to connect you with someone to help so you can finish out the school year in good standing. Please have your Caretaker send us an email at [email protected]. ~Bri
Teachers are horrendous. You can't get into contact half the time, and when you do the teachers are just blatantly rude. As a student here, nothing they did helped, the work load was way too much, the programs they use are horrible. And near the end of the school year they didn't even give me my finals and decided to just tell me I was going to fail, then get mad when I stop doing my work because I know I will fail. Will not be going here again, and I advise you not to as well if you care about your mental health. Public schools are more helpful then this place.
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