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Last update: 22.07.2024

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Very disappointed in the prints I requested. I was promised four prints, both my rat's front and both back feet. I was told the day his ashes were ready for pickup that "we could only take the front paws because the back ones were too curled". I picked up the prints on the left (or top, because the image didn't rotate) and needless to say I'm upset. This is unacceptable, it's just a blob. I don't know if they waited too long (I took my rat in not even an hour after he passed, so rigor mortis had not set in) or if it has to do with their process, but these prints are worthless. The other set of prints was done by the pet cemetery I used before I moved, and they are very clearly defined and complete. Care should absolutely be taken for animals with articulated feet, like many rodents, to have their paw prints done IMMEDIATELY so they're not stuck with RM. Bean was my first rat, my oldest, and the one I was closest with. I'll never get another chance at this. Worth noting as well that there was no offer made to discount or refund the paw prints which were of extremely low quality and not as advertised. I don't much care for the money, but for them to have offered would have at least shown some amount of care that they made a mistake. I am happy with the cremation in general, and it seems as though this company takes tracking animals and their remains seriously. My request for a small amount of ashes to be reserved on the side was also honored. But these foot prints are totally unacceptable. I beg you please reform your process for small animals. This process may be fine for a dog or cat paw but clearly is not suitable for rats. The prints arguably were the most important part of this for me, as I was planning to get a tattoo using the foot impression as a base. I am extremely happy I took ink prints before handing him off... but they are nowhere near as clear as a foot impression should have been.
Brandon Bosserman
Absolutely above and beyond! We lost our 14YO Westie and had him cremated with Fond Memories. They took excellent care of him and returned him with a few extras I was not expecting, including his paw print with his name on it. It made a huge impact, and I couldnt be happier with the care and attention they put in to help us through the grief. I will love and cherish his life with the help of Fond Memories Thank you so much!
Patti Westbrook
Nondescript outside with no visible signage. Small parking lot out front. The people are kind and compassionate and made a difficult time a little easier. Thee cremains were ready in a week. There are a variety of options but no hard selling which I greatly appreciated.
Ty Liddell
I have nothing but great things to say about Fond Memories. My old black lab finally got to his time in life to depart. I chose to have an at-home euthanasia through Door Step Vet. Fond memories did the follow-up. When I went to pick him up they were very kind and friendly as they brought my boy out. I struggled to keep myself together and the gentleman that was there did a great job at helping keep my focus on the situation at hand. The box/urn that they put him in was beautiful and they also added a certificate and resources for grief. I am extremely grateful for the care that they provided with my lab and for everything they've done since. If you ever have to go through this with your pet, I can't recommend Fond Memories enough. For the rest of my life I will have a reminder of my lab all thanks to Fond Memories.
Brooke Taylor
We emailed the day before we were in need of their service. They responded after hours, several times, to help walk us through the process. When our Icarus passed naturally, we canceled the in home service easily via email. I brought Icarus to them and two employees stood outside with me while I talked about him. They shared stories of their grief and gave me advice on how to explain death to my toddlers. When I kissed my 16 year puppy goodbye, they took him away with care. Every phone call and interaction I had with Fond Memories was respectful and full of nothing but love. I purchased several items from them and probably would have changed some of what I purchased. My loss was unexpected and I did not have much time to clearly think. But I do not regret any items I purchased. I am grateful that they were kind and slow in explaining that I need to get everything I want from Icarus before cremation. I bought the paw print charm engraved with his paw, I wish I had gotten a larger one as it looks a little squished. But I am happy with the item. I also got a pendant to hold a little piece of him so now I feel more like he's with me. I'll forever miss my little buddy but at least I can set up a beautiful memorial for him. Thank you.