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Weston Hood
lol at the support reviews on here, they have nothing to do with the office. Its a nice office. I come from the support department and will say there has been a massive changes for the better in the last year within support and customer service areas. You would have to totally ignore any negative review in support prior to 2021 and only look forward. Good company. Trust me. And always remember People are more likely to review and post negative reactions than positive.
Leandro C
Worst technical support ever. Ive made it clear to their management time and time again they need to train people better at their first level. But it seems like management doesnt care. All they do is upset customers when we are just looking for help. It takes multiple escalation and time wasted to get to an advanced engineer who can help and is equipped to do so. The company itself produces amazing software. If only they provided the level of detail to support it would be 5 stars instead of 1 on this review. All Im trying to say is get your first level support together solarwinds. Please!!
Stefan Hundhammer
Professional spammers. They probably don't even realize that, but that makes them criminals in all civilized parts of the world. I would NEVER do business with such people.
Mik Bakker
Foreword; never have I met such a bad company as Solarwinds in my many years of doing online business!! A small summary of my experiences so far; staff is really very hostile, big mouth and they even laugh when your servers / services are not working because of them! They simply do not care. And I am not joking either. A big amount of customers couldn't send emails anymore after they messed up the Spamexperts (also nowadays owned by Solarwinds) managed servers. Customers couldn't receive emails for 36 hours. Their solution? I had to reinstall both servers from scratch with Debian again, because their "technicians" messed up the installation and couldn't access the servers anymore by SSH. Really? That's what called "amature mistakes" in my book. Obviously this can happen (though not acceptable), but then one of their technicians called me by phone and I told him I was furious, because so many customers were offline. Guess what his response was? He laughed at it. LAUGHED?! When my customers are offline? That made me even more furious obviously. Ofcourse I made a formal complaint with head of support. Received a follow up that it was bad, but nothing they could do about it. Uhm. Okay. So it's normal to make fun of a paying customer when all his customers are down for over 36 hours? Not in my book. But apparently this is normal at Solarwinds. Furhermore; support is mediocre at best. Answers, well if that's what you can call them (maybe responses are the better word here) take anywhere between 1 - 3 days. Totally unacceptable nowadays. Even the simplest questions take that long to receive some kind of answer. I used another product of Solarwinds: Solarwinds Backup. Different product, same company, same issues. I have used this backup solution for many years (when it was still with IASO) and I though it had several flaws, it was working okay for the most time. The biggest issue was the lack of backup support on modern MySQL versions. E.g. adding MySQL 5.6 backup support took more than 1 year! No joke. By the time I received an update that it was supported finally (and they were even proud of it apparently) I asked them what about MariaDB 10.x (which was favoured back then). Their response? Sorry, that is not supported yet. Sheesh. Talking about reliable backups here. In the meantime I lost several customers because they deemed the backup solution was not adequate enough (some even canceled their server with me). My technician even scripted a solution which dumped the MySQL / MariaDB databases as tables and zipped it. Though this worked it caused massive CPU usage obviously. And Solarwinds? They couldn't care at all about this. As long as I paid the invoices ofcourse. Solarwinds is by far (if not the) worst company I worked with. After stating my negative experiences about Solarwinds products, I received a phone call from the assigned Solarwinds product manager stating that he didn't understand any of the issues / problems I was experiencing and I should tone down my voice. Really? That was really the last drop. I decided to take a completely different approach towards my (server) backups and have a better solution available for my customers than Solarwinds backup. The support is also better (which is easy compared to Solarwinds support). Next up will be finding a better alternative for a spamfilter. Obviously I am currently investigating and testing various options, so I am hoping I can move away from Solarwinds permantly and completely! Funny thing is, is that before Solarwinds acquired the companies (IASO for backups and Spamexperts) both companies were actually doing pretty good / decent, especially Spamexperts. However since both of them had a touch of Solarwinds added to them, thing went downhill. Fast. My advice? Think twice before doing business with the likes of Solarwinds. So avoid everything which is acquired or handled by Solarwinds. Or if you want sleepless nights, angry customers and money down the drain, then choose Solarwinds. Excellent recipe for disaster!! Two thumbs down for Solarwinds MSP!
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