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gloria torres
I honestly love working here , the company itself takes care well of their employees. The director Martina is very compassionate and understanding with both employees and parents . All the teachers care about our kids and their families. As a teacher and knowing my co workers even when our lives are hard we push through cause at the end of the day what brings us light is these kids . This mmj is here to stay I had to come back from reading theses past reviews currently 2022 this staff and director we work night and day to fulfill our kids needs using the learning standards of pa. The building itself is well maintained we having online cleaning checklist that must be done every morning afternoon and night . Maybe our past must of been not good but changes did come thanks to the new director of 2022 Martina who is here to stay .
Chris Swain
Happy to have found Magic Memories for our two little ones! The care, support, and growth they receive from the staff is awesome! My kids and their growing personalities are known and nurtured and Magic Memories Jeffersonville. The new director (start of 2022), Ms. Martina has brought tremendous energy, expertise, and joy to her work, to the staff, and to her care of the children within her care. My kids teachers have been great partners with us in their growth and development, good communicators, and attentive to meeting them where they are. Happy with the Kangarootime app they use to share photos and info about the kids days and keep us informed. Grateful for this place, the people, and the space they are offering our kids to explore, learn, and grow!
This facility is poorly maintained/cleaned and very disorganized. Toys are not sanitize there is no proper sanitation handling procedures. There is no hand sanitizers available.The children bathrooms smell. In little less than a month I witnessed change of directors, new staff and overwhelmed staff for the lack of compassion and communication from management causing them to quit. There is no work orientation, no information provided. The job description I applied for was nothing to the actual job. This facility has 3 levels. With no access to communicate among other teachers or if emergency arises there is no way of letting another person know. There is no introduction of staff members often other members from another location come in to aid but teachers are unaware if its staff or parent or an intruder. New teachers are left alone with 10-16 children different age groups. With no explanation or what to expect. Of course how hard can it be to just watch kids play and not let them hurt each other? Well there is many children who dont follow directions or dont listen. Hurting others throwing things at children staff. Multiple children crying and having chase kids and carry them back to the classroom and having to change them diapers with no proper station to do so. With no proper supplies like gloves, wipes diapers. Not knowing where each children belongings are. Its overwhelming. There is no lesson plans or supplies for teachers to teach children there is no accurate schedule for children to follow. This lack of schedule impacts children behavior. Each day is different for the children as theyre moved to different classrooms to accommodate for the short staffing. Children are not getting the proper care. Children are meeting new faces each day. Especially with a pandemic facility should be well equipped and kept clean and sanitize and keep employees informed and have supplies for them to access. As a staff there is no reason to ask everyday where things are and ask others how theyre getting by. I definitely dont recommend working or bringing children to this specific facility
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