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Jon Wilde
It's like everyone says. Please please look for Somone else. A problem might get fixed but you will come away with a broke. Truck cowboys work for these guys. I spent over 2 grand and I was grateful for the fix. But these specialists couldn't define a certain brake caliper from another. All the gear no idea.broke my antiroll bar propshaft and brakes. That's after it went in for a dmfw. I took it to my local garage and thanks to them I got help. Stay away.also love how they hit back at genuine customers. When you call them all you get Is an arsy guy. Then when you question him he says oh I didn't work on it. And blames his staff. Stay away find a propper mechanic.
martin and helenne savage albatross light haulage
Many thanks for your post. As you suggest all injectors supplied by Feather Diesel Services, new or reconditioned, are always etched with a date code along with a security tag to confirming fitting (or not). Unfortunately there is a high percentage return rate of all NEW Delphi injectors within the authorised Delphi network after installation following their initial failure. This is not a quality issue from Delphi, merely a confirmation as to how important it is to be spotlessly clean during re-fitting. Invariably debris, from fuel or often metal contamination, is re-introduced into the fuel system, sometimes by re-using the high pressure connecting pipes. Both NEW and reconditioned injectors have internal clearances of less than 1 micron and will block immediately with anything other than high quality, clean diesel. Often this debris is "collected" in the newly installed injector and the replacement unit fitted afterwards does run perfectly well. It is fair to say that highly trained Technicians across the industry have "blocked" new Delphi injectors included both those at OE dealerships and even at Feather Diesel Services. We would encourage anyone fitting Delphi injectors to follow industry standards on installation/cleanliness and if in any doubt please speak with us before installation. We regret you've had to buy replacement units from Mercedes however once fitted, and blocked, these units require extensive cleaning, fitting of new parts, and re-testing to become a saleable unit again.
I purchased 4 New injectors for my sprinter. When they arrived the bag was open and they had been engraved. i called them and they assured me the injectors were new and they always do this to ensure only their injectors are returned in the event of a warranty claim. On fitting them only one of the four injectors were working. I called them to be told the mechanic who fitted them had contaminated them as " Delphi injectors are prone to contamination when fitted" The mechanic had fitted hundreds of injectors in 30 years plus service. They asked for them to be returned for testing and it was found by their expert that the injectors were indeed contaminated so say by the mechanic. No refund was given and so i lost 525.00 on their say. I had to have van on road asap so bought 3 more injectors direct from Mercedes and they were fitted by the same mechanic and the van has done about 15,000 miles to date without a hiccup! It may save money buying direct form these guys but lesson learnt is to let the garage/mechanic buy them so they can argue when something goes wrong or buy from main dealer. The main dealer price wasn't that much more and it meant I could get back to earning .
David King
Took my Audi A4 2.0Tdi here after it developed a fault and refused to start. Bad news was that two pumps had failed low pressure and high pressure fuel pumps. Saving grace was that the HP pump had not disintegrated causing further problems. I was expecting a bill of 1059 but shocked to discover I hadnt picked up it was plus VAT, however pleased they identified the problems and the car is now back running with the work warranted for 12 months.
Chris Hurdus
Very impressed with these guys, managed to get me in straight away for a fuel pump replacement on my euro 5 transit. Reasonable price and top service very helpful. Thank you
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