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CrossFit Austin - reviews

Information about CrossFit Austin

41 reviews
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Gabriel Martins
Coach Dylan is the man! Super nice guy, took his time to work with me and make sure I was doing everything correctly, using proper techniques. Thank you!
Tal Shmueli
Ive done CrossFit in more than 10 countries and probably more than 20 different gyms, and CrossFit Austins combination of professionalism & community is absolutely fantastic. Never felt this welcomed or had seen these numbers on a bar before
Brian Orosco
Top notch coaching! Dillans class was textbook. Perfectly exemplified everything an L2 coach should be. Great presence and attitude, and very personable. Whiteboard brief was concise and relevant. General warmup played with movements I havent seen. Specific warmup was calculated and clear. It was by far the best run, explained and demonstrated warmup Ive experience in a very long time. Visual cues provided great reference highlighted by the verbal explanations. It was clear that his delivery is very well practiced and thoughtful. Something that could only have come from years of repetition and refinement. Throughout the strength and metcon portions he was constantly making the rounds asking poignant questions and offering very useful corrections, and striking up conversations that make the experience feel very personal and engaging. If I wasnt just visiting this weekend, this experience is precisely what would make me sign up on the spot. Dillan is absolutely a coach who will help you grow no matter where you are in your evolution.
John Welch
Hi John, Thanks for dropping by our page. We don't actually have any record of you visiting or contacting our facility so we'd like to understand a little more about the 1 star review. If you'd like to contact us to discuss anything that may be lacking in our service, please shoot us a message at and we'll be happy to talk!
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