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Marc L
This is a dumpster sized recycle bin for plastic, paper, and aluminum. It is located in a school parking lot. I think this is a great idea and would really like to see more of these show up in communities everywhere.
Gretchen Sutherland
I was very disappointed to learn that there was no assistance provided to collect large quantities of recyclable materials. I called in to ask if it would be possible to schedule a pick up of some sort given the large quantities of recyclable waste at my property. I was quite rudely treated and told that absolutely not possible and that this company is unable to help anyone within the City of Tulsa and was directed to them. The person on the phone would not let me finish my sentence with my request. The City doesnt provide bulk pick up for recyclable materials. It is disappointing that with all the push toward conservation and environmental issues, it is made so difficult to do so and by the actually recycling facility. Very disappointed.
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