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Last update: 16.07.2024

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Nicholas Burgio
Nicholas, we are truly sorry to read this review. FHIA will contact you right away to help you. Please feel free to call us at 786-705-8695.
I am nearly at a loss for words with how bad this whole process has been. We are now passed 1 month and 1 week from installation and we have not passed inspection yet! The city has been here twice and we failed twice! Havnt heard anything from anybody at FHIA yet. Plus it just rained and one of my larger windows leaked!? How is any of this possible? Hopefully they figure out that we are still working together and contact me in regards to this. Preparing my CHAPTER 558 NOTICE OF CLAIM now. There is NO WAY these guys will have this sorted in time. The part #s from my order dont match the part #s listed in the permits, and those in turn dont match the labels on my windows. What a sad mess. Can't wait to be finished with this company. The process just keeps getting longer. I have read the response from the owners and am waiting for you. Please try to be aware of the situation as much as possible before doing so. Your employees have been wasting enough of our time already. *UPDATE- my install team has come back to reseal the leaking window from the pictures submitted. I applaud them for their rapid response on that particular matter. I am hoping the seal created today will hold out the water. I will keep you updated.
Ed Boone
We are sorry to read your post. If you would like to provide feedback to us, please feel free to contact us at 786-705-8695. Thank you.
simon motola
Simon, we are sorry to hear about your experience. We appreciate your feedback to help us improve. We strive for superior customer service and aim to provide top-quality products to all our customers. If you would like to provide more feedback, please feel free to call us at 786-705-8695.
Doesn't seem like FHIA needs the business, even after I assured him that I am the only one that makes decisions on our home, David refused to give us an estimate because my wife won't be home and even if she was she doesn't speak English. We're talking about replacing existing windows not choosing a remodeling job for the kitchen or bathrooms. I found David to be extremely arrogant and unhelpful. I had better experiences with other companies with great reviews. If this is their attitude with a paying customer I can only imagine their attitude once they get your money. Surely we won't have FHIA replace our windows. Be sure to check Yelp reviews of FHIA company.
RB, we are sorry to hear about your experience. If you would like to provide more feedback, please feel free to call us at 786-705-8695. We strive for superior customer service and aim to provide top-quality products to all our customers.
They knew for over a month they could not replace my windows. I only found out when I called. Avoid them. They dont care.
Hope Westendorf
Hope, can you message us your contact information? Your information will be forwarded to FHIA so you can receive immediate help.
Got Hurricane Windows and Hurricane sliding doors installed in October 2018. Thought everything was great. Then came the nightmares. The caulk used on windows are molding and falling apart already and it's only 2022. We had a defective window installed that apparently any contractor should have noticed right away was bad (we were told that it should have never been installed in the first place). My back window has apparently been leaking since the time of install and we didn't realize there was a leak before my drywall and base boards started rotting away!!!! (we were told the leak happened because the installers did not seal the window up to code). I called the company in February of this year to get windows fixed (as soon as we noticed the leak) They promised to reinstall a new window and seal the leaking window that was installed incorrectly plus fix the damages to my walls. I couldn't get an inspector to come until March (even though I called in February). Was told by inspector and customer service and the installation department that the longest it would take to order new windows is max 8 WEEKS to get a replacement. Well guess what... ITS NOW JUNE way past 8 weeks and now they are telling me they don't know when they can fix my windows. Hurricane season has started. And all anyone does is give me a new story or hang up on me. The water damage is getting worse and worse. My drywall and baseboards under the window and the drywall around the window is rotting away and smells atrocious. The rain has been so bad here that every day the damage gets worse and worse. This Hurricane season is making me incredibly nervous. We could have an entirely destroyed back wall before they are willing to come fix anything! BEWARE: FHIA has shoddy products and shoddy installers, and does not take accountability or follow through on their promises. All I can do is give you the advice that they are the worst company to deal with! Stay far a way!!!!!