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232creative - reviews

Information about 232creative

28 reviews
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Catherine Montague
Catherine - There are many marketing companies in Pittsburgh, so we thank you for entrusting 232 Creative to develop your new website! You (and your team's) creativity and work delivers a masterful, elegant and peaceful vibe to all of your work, and we set out to emulate those same characteristics within your new digital space. We look forward to continuing to help you promote your work throughout the Pittsburgh region and beyond.
Thank you for creating our beautiful website! You captured the essence of who we are, and we are very proud of it. People have commented on the ease of navigation, the presentation of the written content. Nothing feels gimmicky. It is simple and elegant. We have enjoyed our collaboration, your ability to listen, understand and create a product that is better than what we imagined.
Jesse - one of our guiding principles at 232 Creative is the importance of genuinely enjoying the people you work with, so we appreciate your positive words regarding our collective character as much as our professionalism. Your ability to 'be game' for a variety of efforts and strategies across digital (social media, paid advertisements, videography) and more traditional efforts (postcard mailers, newspaper advertisements, PR outreach, etc.) helped us effectively tell your story to its intended audience(s). It's a recipe that wins time and time again... and the results of the campaign(s) were undeniably positive. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!
I worked closely with 232 Creative (Mike and Ryan) for several months in 2021. I was extremely satisfied and impressed with their work product which included marketing, multimedia, branding and social media work. The job that they assisted me with required them to complete projects within very short windows of time and to be extremely responsive on a daily basis. Mike and Ryan never let me down. They are both extremely professional and great at what they do. And to top it off, Mike and Ryan are both genuinely great people.
Karla Owens
Karla - We appreciate you taking the time to review 232 Creative. It was great partnering with you all the way from our initial meetings with you when your business was just an idea in the back of your mind. Helping you make that a reality was very rewarding for our entire team. Here we are years later with a full logo and branding, an e-commerce website, several social media channels and a myriad of graphic designed sales pamphlets and trifold brochures. We're all excited for your move to Florida, and we look forward to continue our partnership with you for many years to come!
I started working with 232 Creative four years ago, when I opened my online jewelry business. This is by far the most professional and skilled marketing company in Pittsburgh. Ryan and Mike spent many hours with me getting to know my business to determine the best marketing plan. We also spent time reviewing it and making adjustments as the business developed. They created professional looking flyers and graphics and are extremely knowledgeable on social media marketing. Highly recommended.
Kelsey Sowers
Kelsey - It's great to work with teams that 'buy in' to proactive, holistic marketing strategies and tactics across all mediums. With our website modifications, digital ad campaigns, social media marketing, SEO and customer-focused photography, your organization was well-positioned before the pandemic even began, and because of that, you were not only able to 'stay afloat' -- but you were able to significantly increase your revenues to their highest levels in recent years. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your team to ensure you're ahead of the curve on all the social media and digital strategies.
232 Creative has been excellent to work with. We've been working with them for several years now. Ryan and Mike are professional, super creative, always coming up with new ideas and on top of everything! Highly recommend working with 232 Creative.
Ginger Holliday
Ginger - thanks for taking a moment to share your experience between Glasrail and 232 Creative. Our partnership and website development and launch was a shining example of how two parties can work well together 100% digitally (in this case, Pennsylvania & Florida). We look forward to continuing to work with you on your marketing initiatives and trade shows in the near future .
Extremely professional and easy to work with. They helped us create an amazing website with outdated and limited resources. We were thrilled with the outcome! We recommend 232 Creative to all!
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