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Reviews of happy pets from

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Bazar Pupila is an independent and friendly place for those who want only the best and proven products for their four-legged friends. Founded out of a passion for animals and unwavering belief in high quality, Bazar Pupila thrives as an oasis for dog and cat owners who don't want to get lost in a sea of superficial advertising and average products on online shelves.
When the store's founders started creating this unique place, they knew they had to build a reputation based on authentic recommendations, trust, and care. Thus began our shared adventure of building a lasting and positive brand image, with the four-legged friend always at the center.

The challenge of building a customer-centric brand

The company needed an efficient automation process for collecting reviews. Without it, the number of collected reviews was very limited, and at the beginning of this year, Bazar Pupila had only a few reviews on their Google Business Profile.

Furthermore, the lack of display of product reviews responsible for Google Rich Snippets (star ratings in Google) limited the SERP, affecting the visibility and position of the store in search results.

The store also had an ambitious goal of increasing sales conversions. Transparency and authentic reviews – serving as evidence of their amazing customer service and high-quality products – were needed to convince potential customers to make a purchase.

Solution - Rating Captain functionalities

After a thorough analysis of the store's current image, we implemented key solutions that are part of the Rating Captain app, including:
  1. Integration with the Shopware platform

    First, with a simple plugin available on the Shopware platform, Bazar Pupila was able to easily integrate the Rating Captain application with their store. This ensured smooth data exchange in both directions without the need for extensive configuration.
  2. Automatic request for reviews after purchase

    Rating Captain automatically sends personalized emails and SMS messages to customers after making a purchase, encouraging them to leave reviews about the store and the products they purchased. Automating this process allowed for the collection of a larger number of reviews in an efficient and effective way, saving Bazar Pupila's employees time.
  3. Collecting verified reviews about the company for the Google listing

    Bazar Pupila could collect reviews about their company directly on the Google Business Profile. Rating Captain is one of the few review-collecting applications that allows for this. With this functionality, Bazar Pupila could start building their brand reputation on the world's most popular search engine.
  4. Collecting product reviews in e-commerce

    Collecting reviews about individual products enabled the display of star ratings in Google as well as helped customers make informed purchasing decisions and build trust in the brand at the next step of the customer journey.
  5. Displaying review widgets on the store's website

    The use of editable Rating Captain widgets allowed for the display of reviews and average ratings on the store's website. The widgets were customized to match the brand's visual identity, ensuring a consistent and professional look for the entire website.
  6. widgets
  7. Enhancing SEO with Google Rich Snippets

    Thanks to Rating Captain, Bazar Pupila gained the ability to display star ratings and reviews in Google search results, making the store more visible and attractive to potential customers.
  8. A dedicated website page with a catalog of reviews

    Ultimately, Rating Captain allowed the company to automatically create a dedicated page with a catalog of all collected reviews. This page is highly ranked and displayed in Google search results when searching in Polish for “bazar pupila opinie“ (Bazar Pupila reviews), contributing to a better brand reputation and strengthening the store's image among those seeking information about the company, and potential customers.

Results and effectiveness in numbers

collected reviews by Rating Captain
up to 29.17%
conversion rate
up to 60.94%
open rate
  1. Reviews

    Bazar Pupila has collected a total of 472 reviews about the company and its products within a few months, with an email open rate of over 60% and a conversion rate (reviews to emails sent) reaching nearly 30%! Furthermore, the average rating on all platforms has ranged between 4.97 and 5.00 from the very beginning.

    The reviews are displayed in various places, including:

    • a dedicated review catalog ranked on Google for the Polish keyword “bazar pupila opinie” (Bazar Pupila reviews),
    • the Google Business Profile,
    • product pages on the store's website.
    It is worth noting that achieving such a high conversion rate requires not only an effective way of collecting reviews but also high-quality customer service, which contributes to customer engagement.
  2. Trust

    Regularly collecting verified reviews from customers and displaying them on the Shopware store and other review platforms has increased the trust of potential customers who can read positive stories and experiences from others.
  3. “The trust of our customers is crucial in our store. Thanks to the automation of review collection, we have a lot of reviews and we can focus on providing good customer service.”
  4. Visibility

    By collecting reviews on Google and displaying star ratings and reviews in search results, Bazar Pupila has gained greater visibility online, thanks to the influence of Google Rich Snippets on SEO.

    Customers searching for pet products could easily find Bazar Pupila's store and were more likely to choose the store's product pages over competitors who didn't have star ratings on Google.

  5. Sales

    All the mentioned actions related to acquiring and displaying reviews and increasing visibility have contributed to an increase in sales conversions at Bazar Pupila's store.

    Customers, seeing positive reviews and product ratings, are more convinced to make a purchase, which directly impacts the store's revenue growth.

To the Stars - summary

Now, Bazar Pupila can rely not only on their own belief in quality but also on the voice of customers who share their experiences and recommend the unique products available in the store.

With a large number of gathered reviews, the store owners also know what matters most to their customers and can optimize that part of the business.

Thanks to Rating Captain, the Bazar Pupila store has achieved impressive results. The number of positive reviews about the store continues to grow, constantly reinforcing customer trust.
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