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Script that integrate Rating Captain with any system.

To integrate your website with our system you have to paste this code into your order summary page.

       var RatingCaptain_data_script = {
            /* REQUIRED | Email, on this address will be send message */
                "email": "{$order->email}",
            /* REQUIRED | Order in your system, this field should be unique */
                "external_id": "{$order->id}",
            /* Optional - Customer name or name and surname. */
            /* Optional - Customer phone. */
            /* Optional - Products in this order, each product must have id name and price. */
            "products": [
                            "id": "{$product->id}",
                            "name": "{$product->name}",
                            "price": "{$product->price}",
                            "imageUrl": "{$product->image}",
                            "sku": "{$product->sku}",
                            "product_url": "{$product->url}"
    <script src="[Your website token]"></script>

    *Each item in bold must be properly configured depending on your system.
    *my.Website token you can take from: Website page.
        var rc_products = {/literal}[{foreach from=$items item=i name=list}
        'id': '{$i->product_id}',
        'name': '{$i->name}',
        'price': '{$i->price_gross|money_without_currency}',
        'imageUrl': '{$i->product->images[0]->url|product_img_url:th100}'
            var RatingCaptain_data_script = {
                "email": '{client_email}',
                "external_id": '{order_id}',
                "products": rc_products
    <script src="[Your website token]"></script>
        var rc_products = [{products}
            "id": "{products.product_id}",
            "price": "{products.float_price}",
            "imageUrl": "{products.img}",
            "name": "{}"
        var RatingCaptain_data_script = {
            "email": '{email}',
            "external_id": '{order_id}',
            "products": rc_products
    <script src="[Your website token]"></script>
       var RatingCaptain_data_script = {
                "email": "[[email]]",
                "external_id": "[[orderid]]"
    <script src="[Your website token]"></script>

If you want integrate your website with backend, you can use our PHP library.
See in GitHub


Also you can find our Ecommerce plugins.

1. WooCommerce

- Download WooCommerce plugin

How to install:

1. Download WooCommerce plugin from link above
2. Go to Plugins -> Add plugin page
3. Upload ZIP file that you download in first step.
4. Enable plugin
5. Go to Settings -> RatingCaptain Page
6. Insert your website API key. You can get your key here
7. Save changes
8. Your order will be integrate with Ratingcaptain system when you change status to completed.

See Tutorial Video

2. Magento2 Plugin

3. Prestashop Plugin

Download prestashop 1.7 plugin

Download prestashop 1.6 plugin

How to install:

1. Go to "Modules" section
2. Upload file downloaded from section above
3. Configure plugin
4. Insert API key from website => Website Token
5. Save changes

See tutorial Video

4. Shoplo

- Go to Settings panel
- Go to Conversion and tracking tab
- Paste code below in thank you script section



- Go to "Add-ons and integrations"
- Go to "Own integrations"
- Paste this code into "Order confirmation" section



5. GoShop

- Go to Store configuration -> Preferences
- Go to external codes section
- In order confirmation section paste code below



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