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MADE Leather - reviews

Information about MADE Leather

75 reviews
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Darlene Willis
I have tried countless times to contact the owner of this company to no avail. It took forever for the customized leather bag to get here and then when it finally came, the bag stunk so bad that I cannot use it! I am so disappointed!!! I just tried to call again and the number isnt working. I have also sent messages via her website. I only went with the company because Kandi Burress recommended this Black owned company and it is NOT living up to the expectations! I humbly ask that someone please call me! My info is in your messages!
DP Consulting-Admin
Hello LaChanda, As you know we faced international delays this holiday season. We kept everyone abreast with that situation. When you received tracking information & the system stated shipped the item did in fact ship. You brought it to our attention that you had not received and we began communicating with UPS. We have not heard back from UPS. The office has been preparing for a move and In the midst of that we admittedly dropped the ball on this end and had not followed up with UPS since last week. I do see that you did reach out via IM after midnight last night and we are only able to reply now as it is now currently business hours. We will await your reply to our IM/email so that we can resolve. Again, our sincerest apologies. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us continue to be always be better.
Edited for update and reply to comment: This is sad that I have to come on here again to make an additional comment. I had hope this would have been resolved by now. I tried SEVERAL times to reach them. The only method to contact them is the IM chat on their website. However, that is not successful. In their previous comment of me sending a late message, that was the third IM message, as the other 2 never received a reply. I have documented and screen-shot all of my correspondences. Here again, I sent an IM chat requesting an update on May 13th and 17th, but no replies. The notice stated a reply would be given between 24-48 hours, not including weekends. On March 18th, I informed them that I was following up again regarding an IM chat I sent on March 3rd. They apologized that my reply was not recorded. Their system of communicating to customers is broken. The telephone number I was provided to reach them for an immediate reply is out of order. By the way, I am submitting this late at night because I need to take care of my family first. This is taking too much of my precious time. It seems you can get a quicker response by posting a comment. There have been mishaps with my order since December. I was told on March 18 that unfortunately my bag was out of stock, but should be available the 1st or 2nd week in April. I informed them that I would wait until April. Now its May 19thstill no bag, no replies/updates, and I cant reach anyone. Since my order was placed in December, I should have been the 1st on the list to have that bag mailed when it arrived in April. SMH!! When it comes to Black owned businesses, I normally refrain from leaving negative reviews and give more than enough time for them to correct an issue. However, this is now ridiculous. I ordered my bag on December 29th. It is now March 2022 and I have not received my item. I sent an email, completed the contact request form, and IM requesting a status. On Feb 23rd, I attempted again with the IM pop-up. It stated my order was fulfilled and I stated it was not. Then a representative stated she checked the tracking, but did not see any information. She asked me to allow her to contact UPS to try to see what is happening. She stated if it cannot be located, they will ship another bag. She provided her name and said she will reach out to me via email before they close. That was 9 days ago and still no update. I sent another email and IM asking for an update. However, I have not been contacted nor received an update. This is unprofessional and bad customer service.
Kayla Knight
Hello Kayla, We dont see an order under this name. Maybe it was under our old system from over 2 years ago. We typically handle any repair in house without hesitation as we guarantee our products. Additionally any foreign smell that could possibly be detected is from the vegetable leather tanning process. Im not sure if that is what you are referring to. Nonetheless feel free to email us at so we can attempt to locate and order and resolve your issue.
I thought I was safe buying from this company due to all the excellent reviews and feedback... Sadly that was not the case for me. I wasted $310... I received my Journey backpack and wallet. The backpack was damaged and I had to get a replacement. After waiting weeks I got my replacement and it too was damaged. I decided to take it to my local leather shop to get it fixed. The owner of the shop said he had never smelt a leather so foul in his 30+ years of working with leather. I tried everything to get the smell out and sadly nothing worked. I cannot use the bag and definitely took a loss on this one. Live and learn...
rhonda rhonda
We are really big on responding to emails as per the email auto responder, please expect a reply within 48 hrs (excluding weekends) if an email was sent. If there is an existing/fulfilled item we would be glad to assist you in locating (or replacing) this item as we do not have any items that we hold within 2 days of printing a label.
I ordered in January of this year. I have yet to receive my item. I emailed, no response, I called no return call back or response. The shipping company UPS only shows that t hey made a label for my item. That was January. It is now April 10th and I still do NOT have my order. When I go online and check with their online chat, is shows Order Fulfilled. Of course the order is not Fulfilled. I requested a refund, no response. I contacted the credit card company and they refunded my money but said that the company filled my order and the charged my card. Update: I spoke with the owner and she was so kind to tell me what went wrong. My order was on backorder and I will receive it mid may. She also included a gift card and a free gift for my troubles. Now that is customer service!!!
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