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Last update: 14.07.2024

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Mets Fanatic
Hi John, I think there may have been some confusion. You came in with your daughter's broken glasses and asked if they could be fixed. My employee told you yes and the fee would be $10.00! She said there is a charge if your glasses were not purchased from us. It has nothing to do with whether we carry a frame or not. We will always try and help anyone whether they are customers of ours or not. I recall helping you many times over the years when you purchased your contact lenses from us. I'm sorry if you don't like our store policies but that is exactly why we tell you them up front about the charges so there is no confusion. You had a choice to have your glasses fixed and adjusted for a $10 fee or not. You chose to have them repaired. I don't think anyone should perform their professional services for free.You weren't upset when you were here so did something happen since you left? Did we not fix them to your liking for you to leave a 1 star review? Hopefully we can rectify this. Thank you
I went in there recently and I asked them if they can replace a little screw in my daughter's glasses that broke, and the woman goes to me , "oh ,sorry there's a $10 fee , we don't sell those types of frames, so there would be a $10 fee to fix it". If I give them $10 then it's fine, then they can fix it with no problem ,but if I don't pay it then suddenly they said they can't fix it, because they don't sell those frames... I used to go there years ago, Meanwhile my wife currently goes there and i even mentioned that to them and they didn't even say anything about that when I mentioned it to them. Are they that hard up the $10 that they couldn't put a screw in there for a little kid and even after I said my wife goes there.
Anna Corigliano
Excellent customer service, and they picked the perfect frames at first try....and continued to with patience and kindness through the whole experience...Love this place!!!
Kelly Ward
Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you had a great experience, and hope to see you all again next year !!
I had a great experience at Nassau Vision. Heather and the team were so friendly and treated me, and my children with such compassion and kindness. I love the recommendations they made for frames and the service in every manner. Highly recommend!
Chris Quinn
Good morning Chris. I'm sorry you had a bad experience on the phone yesterday. We were going through orders and giving courtesy calls and reminders in regards to overdue orders that had not been picked up. When my employee spoke with your wife and reminded her that the replacement frame she ordered is still here waiting for her existing lenses, she said she no longer had the broken frame or the lenses. The order was for a replacement frame due to breakage or a manufacturers defect. In a situation such as this, where the frame is still under warranty, we send back the broken pair to the manufacturer so it will be of no cost to you. We were doing our best as a service provider to exchange her defective frame for a new one. The confusion began when your wife was telling my employee that she no longer has the frame or the lenses that were in her frame. She began to explain that she had lost the glasses altogether, and didn't understand why they still weren't under warranty. We were trying to explain to her that in this situation she would need to purchase a complete new pair of glasses because a lost pair is not under warranty by the company. There was a lack of communication with your wife and my employee that was trying to handle the matter. Therefore my employee put her on a brief hold to explain the situation to me, the manager. When I picked up the call to explain why the frame is no longer considered under warranty your wife was no longer on the phone and you were now on the line and were very angry. Raising your voice, you kept asking whats our problem and why are you harassing my wife! You began to tell me that your wife thought she could keep the old glasses as a spare and get a new pair under warranty. My response was "no, that is not how it works". You proceeded to yell " its simple, we don't want the frames and to stop harassing us" followed by hanging up the line. I think there was some sort of miscommunication as we were just trying to let your wife know the frame was still here if she wanted it. We feel terrible that it did not work out and that you feel harassed in anyway. If i was given the opportunity yesterday i could have explained this all to you both. I hope I was able to clarify this for you. And again on behalf of myself and the staff we sincerely apologize. We would love to offer your wife the glasses at a discount. If you are interested please give us a call or stop in. Thank you
Absolutely terrible customer service. My wife was trying to replace her broken frames under warranty. They never explained that we working have to use the same lenses or order new ones (which we would have been happy to do) but rather called us harassing her as it we were causing them trouble with inventory because her empty frames were still sitting there. Unapologetic at their own lack of explanation to paying customers, I was laughed at with a "haha that's not how to works". We we're expecting to pay for new lenses but instead we got a ride phone call demanding we bring in our old lenses. When we asked to clarify we were treated like we're stupid and not worth their time. DO NOT USE THEM!