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Lester Mallari
Glad you were able to make it out and have a great experience!
Great experience attending the meet and greet on June 3rd 2022 and also had a pleasure to briefly speak with Mr Glover and show appreciation especially his work in lowering the stigma of various topics especially in the trauma and mental health world . we also briefly touched on how I appreciate his occasional hilarious references of being and growing up Asian . also have the pleasure of meeting a few other staff members of this cool company and they were so very nice and a pleasure to speak with
John Matthew Clark
I just took gunfighter carbine in Okeechobee, FL with Fieldcraft survival. It opened my eyes up to entirely new world as a civilian. I highly recommend taking this and any other course they offer. The instructors are the real deal and the information you learn very well may save your life and others.
Duct tape
Sorry you didn't have a good experience. The "course" that you signed up for isn't actually a course. It is more of an open format to allow people to come together and talk about mobility, vehicles, and preparedness. We often include a short block of instruction during these but most of the format is Q&A or informal discussion. We'll review the description on the website and make sure that is more clear so people know what is to be expected. This is not a course and is more a chance to get together and build up the community. That's why it is free. Hope that helps you understand what happened in your situation.
Wow what just happened? I was using this free class as an indicator to how the paid classes would be especially since they will be dealing with firearms. Signed up for the two hour Go Rig vehicle class by Mike Hernandez, not Mike Glover MG, clearly stated While waiting around for the class to start, a looped video of MG saying why he loved the Land Cruiser was playing. We started the class w giveaways and a text saying MG was running late and have a few words about vehicle security. Cool, wasn't expecting MG to at all, what a treat. Hernandez then proceeded to talk to us about air down tires for 15 minutes or so. Then MG shows up, tells some of his pew pew stories for about 20 mins and to have first aid kits and that's about it. At this point, it's almost, almost an hour so we take what I thought was a break so that MG can drive the rally Porsche out but we never reconvened. Wandered the gift shop with others for half an hour waiting to start up again but it was clear that it was over. I think MG really stopped by to grab his rally car, not necessarily speak to us. I drove an hour and some drove from Ogden, over 90 minutes away just to hear 15 minutes of talk of airing down! The class clearly said Hernandez was teaching the class so we expected two hours of content from him, did he not come prepared to teach? Having MG say something was nice but for a two hour class, there was very little information. I'm glad I didn't spend money and ammo on one of the firearm courses because based on this experience, it would have been a glorified range day with MG shooting a carbine on one foot.
Samuel Kraft
Sorry to hear about this. We responded to your email back in February and never heard back from you. Unfortunately we don't have a phone line because we are a small company and our support person does multiple other tasks. However, we definitely want to make sure that we get any issue resolved. Please reach back out if there is still an issue.
I didn't even know this place existed until I got a charge to my account! There's no phone number to call which I find very disturbing. I had to send an email instead with hopes that I will be responded back to. I find this comment section so I leave it message here as well. I am pursuing all avenues to get this rectified with will prove to be challenging with no customer service or business phone I can call.