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Neil Lundy
I was having a great time and all of a sudden the security guard came and walked me outside. He said I cant go back in because I made somebody uncomfortable. Its a dance club some people may not like the way you dance because you dance better than them or a different style. I feel uncomfortable often because the cramped space I have to get through people to find an open spot to dance. Should I report every girl and guy that got in my way? I was told by Joe (security guard ) that if anyone says a person feels uncomfortable around you youre immediately out. Im extremely respectful to all women and men and ensure that all dancing is consensual. There is NO way I offended anyone! Ruined my night! Im really disappointed in the process where they just believe whoever without hearing the other persons side.
Roger Tedi
The venue was decent but somewhat small alright for crowds of 100 or less. Didnt get to try the pizza but I heard it was good. All of the staff was really nice except for the manager or owner. I was put on the guest list and I have been going to a lot of the shows and working at them with a lot of these guys since about 2006. I was told I could put my backpack in the room the headliners were keeping their stuff as well as hanging out. I was in the process of switching hotels and wound up going to the show last minute after I was told I was confirmed. Went out to get sandwiches for myself and a friend, after I got back I was told the owner started freaking out about a backpack being in a corner when it realistically wasnt in anybodys way. It was also sad that someone wound up losing their backpack that night So I put it next to a garbage can by the merch table since Ive been to dozens of these shows with these people and I know I can trust them. Later on in the night the guy who was in charge was just trying to rush everybody out of the door when nobody was even close to being completely packed up. He actually watch the artists out of the venue when we were still out there and was extremely rude. He killed the whole entire vibe and Manny other people would have handled that situation a lot differently All of us remained polite and in character though. As a booking agent I would not recommend using this venue as a rental if you could find another spot unless their management improves. Other than that, it was a pretty cool spot The bartender was cool and so was all of the security. Management Who was only one guy, was extremely unpleasant to deal with and a complete buzz killer.
Yona Yusufi
Ive been to this club for the past two years and it has really downgraded now. The staff are rude AF, especially the lady who stamps your wrist. She was on a power trip talking about some You cant go in unless you talk to me when I asked her where I put my ticket. The one blonde cashier with front bangs working in the pizza area also so rude when you try to ask a simple question. Like why yall work there if you hate it so much?? Just cause its a club doesnt mean people arent aware of how they are being treated. The guy who checks IDs, bartenders, the ones making the pizza and one security guard at the door are always friendly, I dont know whats up with everyone, especially when it had just opened. Its an 18+ club as well so be prepared for the crowd to not have club etiquette. Youll get pushed around, have drinks spilled on you, have drunk underage people not handling there liquor etc. Its given things like this will happen but its truly become a mess compared to a 21+ club. They advertised Doja Cat night to seem so cool just for the playlist to be remixes most of the night, the crowd literally would stop singing so theyd have to transition out. Thats how bad it was getting. ALSO they said they were open till 5 on maps and kicked everyone out RUDELY at around 2:20. Not worth it unless you desperate for a night out.
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