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Kimberly D
Unpopular Opinion: these are worth the $133 (if you can afford it - its not an accessible price for everyone and I understand that). But just think, youre paying for a handmade bag made in the United States where workers are paid much more fairly than a worker in China, which is where most goods sold in the US are shipped from because its so cheap to get stuff manufactured there. The US isnt like that. So of course its going to cost +$100. The cost of living in New York is particularly high and guess what? The artisans need to make a living. I saw a video about these bags on Twitter. I think its awesome! Keep it up and dont sell out! :)
Karmella Smith
I've been doing research into the bag industry and the owner is clearly out of his mind selling bags at an outrageous price ($133). The process of making the same bags with modern methods would require less human resources. Even considering the cost of making the bag, much of the company labor is on the people doing the textiles, whom are underpayed for this job, making the owner more money. I'm disgusted that this company is abusing the recycling campaign to make money off of harding working textile workers and refusing to improve automation so that bag prices stay unreasonably high for a reason of more profit.
I love love love this bag. Sturdy and I mean STURDY. My arm is gonna break before this bag does. My only issue is that it is costly. That being said I expect this bag to last long after my other bags have given up the ghost. If you figure in long term usage, the price should be justify itself. But due to the price tag I wont be purchasing another soon, but hopefully in the future. (I am thinking this is like my Tupperware products that have proven themselves worth the cost since I have had them for decades. Only time will tell if that theory is correct).
Debbie Klemp
I appreciate the feedback and totally understand your concern. Its been a constant struggle with the price as it costs a lot to make the textile in order to make the aNYbag, due to how labor intensive it is. The bag is made in Manhattan where as you know rent and overhead are very high, and the people weaving and making the bags are skilled leather artisans with over 25 years of experience. I am constantly exploring ways to reduce the cost; however, there are no machines that can speed up process. My ultimate goal is to sell these for less than $100 and will keep trying to get there. I also donate a percentage of precedes from each bags to City Parks Foundation of New York City. I have two boys and want nothing more for them and for all children to have clean parks to play in like I had growing up. I hope this clears up any discrepancy. Best, Alex
$138.00 for a bag made out of plastic bags is not saving the environment, it is saving the bank account of greedy people