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Richard Catchlove
I discovered Clever Stuff by chance. What a lucky chance. Their wooden toy products fits all criteria. Fun, well made, safe, educational and the range suits all children. Not only that, Clever Stuff is a company who cares. They care about their products and importantly they care about the customer. They reacted quickly to an issue and fixed without fuss or excuses. All in all, Clever Stuff comes highly recommended.
Nadine Moothoo
Hello, We've had a thorough look through our system and we can't find any orders under this name, or even variations close to this name. We'd love to get this resolved for you but without knowing who this is I'm sorry we can't help. I would like to say though, that our team would certainly not threaten anyone at all, and in 7 years have never not supplied an order that was paid for. If there have been threats made against our team or our business we do reserve the right to cancel an order and provide a full refund to the customer. Our team does double check shipments, but as I'm sure most people would appreciate mistakes sometimes may happen. Again, we can't seem to find an order under this name so please do reach out directly so we can sort this out for you. Thanks, CleverStuff Team Edited response : Hello, If we are indeed resolving this with the buyer I'm unsure as to why you felt the need to leave a hurtful review of a business you've not had any interaction with? It goes against Google Policy as you are not a real customer of ours. If you are correct and the buyer is sorting an issue out, I'm unsure as to why this review has even been left? It seems premature and unreasonable to write about poor service as we always work our hardest to come to a resolution for any issues that arise for our customers. We have not canceled any orders or processed any refunds to any customers, so I'm not entirely sure what I can say or do in response to that, because it seems the information you have been provided is incorrect. We certainly haven't acted in a petty or unprofessional manner and anyone is welcome to order from our store and get the toys they want (we understand the upset of thinking you might not get them - these toys are wonderful!). As mentioned by you many times, you are not our customer. You have left a negative review over something that was being resolved (as you mention yourself) and any real customers of ours are welcome to reach out at any time to sort out any problems that may arise. Have a wonderful afternoon.
Sent the incorrect parcel and then threatened to not supply a paid order unless the return barcode was scanned within 24hrs of receiving the parcel. Their message read.. "we understand that it' was our mistake.. You are holding up the original owner of the toys you received from getting them. CleverStuff is the only one holding up the original owner. Next time you should double check your parcels before sending them, before threatening other paying customers. Extremely poor customer service! EDIT: Response to your reply. I did not request for you to resolve the matter in my review. My name, is irrelevant, as I'm not the buyer. And now you have accused the buyer of writing this review and gone ahead and processed a refund because so. No threats were made to your business at all, so where do you have the right to cancel the order and refund? In case you need a refresher on Aust Consumer Law: "If you receive unsolicited products or services: -you are not required to pay for the products or services -you are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from a supply of unsolicited services -if you contact the business in writing, expressing that you do not want the products, then the business should recover the products within one month -if you dont contact the business, then the business may recover the products within three months from the day after you received the products -you cannot unreasonably refuse to allow the supplier to recover the products -you may be liable to pay compensation if you wilfully damage the products during this period." The buyer did not post this review, I am simply stating the facts of this transaction. The buyer is sorting this out You did in fact send a message saying: "if we do not see a scan on the parcel this morning, we will be having the toys you originally ordered returned to us" If you have never withheld items, why did you write this threat to do exactly that? You have gone a head refunded the buyer, out of spite, based on a review they did not even write. Now they will not receive the toys they wanted because YOU made the mistake of posting the wrong order. This is very petty and unprofessional on your behalf. All the buyer needed was more time to return your mistake, but you threatened to recall the correct goods, if not returned the next day.
Oh Coleen thank you for your kind words and photo! Play time is going to be so much fun with all these goodies. Have a wonderful afternoon. :)
CleverStuff have wonderful educational toys. They are sturdy, safe and colourful. Nate and Bec are quick to respond to queries and sort out minor postage problems instantly. I would highly recommend CleverStuff as a company.