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Shrivathsa Ballal
Thank you!
Best source of nuts for anyone in the country. Absolutely tasty, mouth watering unsalted cashews are the best and I can't stop ordering them in bulk all the time.
Kimberly Coldren
Kimberly, We do our best to keep our shelves stocked with our premade decorative bags filled with many of our fresh and popular products, as well as, other great stocking stuffers for our customers to choose from to make the shopping process quick and easy during the holidays. Now we do understand that sometimes what we have out is not always what the customer wants and we will be asked to customize an order, which is something we can definitely do within reason. There are times though when we are too busy to accommodate an individual's request and fill there order right then and there so we do let the customer know that we will have to take an order to be completed within the next day or two for pick up at the store. Even if a custom order is placed we do have some exclusions, for example, we don't make bags smaller than 1/2 LB as it is very time and labor-consuming during the month of December. Our best sales lady was assisting you with the half-pound bags that yall were creating from our nut bar and at one point you asked for less than a 1/2 LB. At this point, our manager had overheard the interaction and stated that we are unable to do smaller bags. This keeps in line with our holiday policy of not making bags less than 1/2 LB. We do our best to satisfy every customer as we are not only serving those in-store but also over the phone and online. Unfortunately, we can not make everybody happy as we are not robots and understand that there are some that may never come back. The austiNuts Team
I've shopped here many a time over the years and I know it is a local institution. But I watched them provide indidual service to an elderly lady who wasn't in line. Which I don't have an issue with. But when I waited in line and asked for 2 $30 office gifts combos and 5 - 1/2 lb sacks for stockings . I walked the whole store figuring out what I wanted and didn't see bags for self service. Then I waited in line. When I asked for the items, some of which are behind the counter, I got the response, that they don't have time for individual orders. That I have to choose from the pre-packaged items on the shelf. And I mentioned that I needed a keto for dietary constrictions, they considered it. Then when I asked for specifics, I was told again, they don't have time. It is not worth supporting this local store. Better save your own time and just order something online from amazon and have it delivered to your home. You'll be better satisfied and save everyone's time!
Anthony Goodwin
Thanks, Anthony!
The store has a great number of options and the nuts are fresh. I like both ends of the spectrum. The cinnamon vanilla pecans are a delight but the cajun cashews are also delicious. There is almost no way to go wrong when purchasing austiNuts.
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