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Oil and Gas Safety Supply
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Dom G
Products are fine but there are two female employees that are rude and unprofessional also not helpful in any way they even look miserable I felt like I was bothering them just to pay for my order. I still have to go there cause I work gas and oil but now I also buy on line and its because of them miserable females
ashley anastasiu
Replying to Nate Currey's review.... Everyone is allowed to express how they feel about a particular situation but I want to clear a few things up. 1. He failed to mention about returning the hard hat when he called and asked. The hard hat was brought back with scuff marks and due to our safety policies we can not return any hard hats especially *damaged*. If a tampered safety device was sold to another customer we could be held liable. 2. He also failed to mention what started the confrontation was him calling the manager a Bit**. (very unnecessary). Before people read his comment and assume that our service was bad and unprofessional I wanted to address very important things he forgot to mention.
Nate Currey
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I called the day before to ask about returns and was told as long as everything had the original tags/packaging and that I had the receipt and nothing was worn, they would return everything for full refund. When arriving at the store the cashier said she couldnt return one of my items even tho it was damaged at time of purchase (she asked her boss) and I was unaware until I arrived home that the item wasnt up to quality standards. While dealing with the cashier the store manager Tonya interrupted yelling saying they werent returning it and that there are signs posted all over the store as to why. I tried to explain to her I live 2 hours away and cant see the signs from my house. She continued to yell and over talk me. After I told her I didnt appreciate her attitude she then tried to trump company policy for personal gain and tell me they would not return any of my items all because she took our conversation personal. Worse customer service Ive ever seen. Tonya shouldnt be in charge and is setting an absolutely horrible example to all the other employees. Needless to say the products they have are wholesale junk and and youre expected to just deal with damaged items. I HIGHLY recommend other stores and will never return.
Christian Maldonado
Wow. Very sorry to hear your response. We have had thousands of happy customers over the past decade. Sorry for your experience. Give us another try some other day. Stay safe.
Washington PA location are rude and clearly have no clue about dealing with customers...very disappointed at the way they conduct business.