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Administrative Department
I was AMAZED by the customer service!! Micheal Kleinman and Ryan Elefante are AWESOME!! They will truly go above and beyond to help you out with anything you need!
Slam City Management Group
Unbelievable group with unconditional love and concern for business development and growth for everyone that they work with .... This group represents what every company wants in a partnership........!
I used to volunteer for Delaware Sports League as a program manager. After of a year of people getting ripped off by the owner, I decided to start my own sports league. Upon starting my league, I used LeagueApps as a secondary domain host. I was familiar with the program and felt comfortable navigating it. Our sports league hit the ground running and people started to gravitate toward us. In a desperation move, the owner of Delaware Sports League called up the CEO of LeagueApps and asked them to stop doing business with us. Apparently they know each other. Without warning they shut my site down in the middle of registrations. I lost everything. My contacts, ways to communicate, and I couldn't even issue a refund if I wanted to. I received an email saying I violated their TOS. I wasn't sure what I had done since I only used their domain to make sports registrations. They kept me in limbo the entire day and would only tell me that Brian, their CEO would call me. Brian started the conversation very rude. Gave no explanation other than we dont feel its in our best interest to do business with you. Keep in mind my Sports League was a month old. He doesn't know me or my sports league. We hadn't even ran one program yet. As we continued to speak on the phone, I asked if I could finish the registration process for an upcoming program.All I needed was another 2 weeks. The CEO Brian replies that he would think it over with his team and let me know later on. I think he wanted me to grovel at his feet. Brian finally emailed me back this lined out email of how he will allow me to finish our program and then he is shutting me down for good. I thanked him and finished what I needed. The window came and went and our site was still active. I actually emailed him myself to let him know this in hopes he had reconsidered and could continue making each other money. To no avail, they shut me down permanently and we since moved on to another provider. It was brought to my attention that Robert Downing, founder of Delaware Sports League was the one who asked Brian Litvack to shut us down because they were "bros". What kind of business operates that way? I would highly caution using these guys as they will shut you down without warning if you know someone who works there.
We could not be happier with our decision to switch over to LeagueApps. Not only does our new website have a fresh, modern look; but, the numerous admin features that come with their software has helped us to become more efficient in managing a league of over 250 players per season. Our team, yes, TEAM of sales and technical coaches are extremely helpful and knowledgable in their fields. We never had to wait for technical support when learning to use the program, and the user-friendly platform made for a smooth transition. We definitely recommend LeagueApps to any sports league, big or small. You will not be disappointed.