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Daniela Leon
I needed a psychologist for my mom. I called ConnectiCare to give me some phone numbers (since the ones show on its website don't even work). All the psychologists I called have + 3 month waitlists
Robert Theriault
Do you have a low income and a disease that requires constant medication. Well then connecticare is not the company for you. If you're late on a payment and call them and ask if you can please have your service back on even if you've been a customer for half a decade they don't care. But I'll die if I don't have my medication. Don't care. I have a payment scheduled for this weekend but I need my medication today. You pay today or your life saving medication is off the table. Even if you'll end up in the hospital which I bet for the long run is worse for our company. Not worth the risk. Do we have any useful advice to help? A department for financial help perhaps? A counselor to maybe make a smaller payment to get service back on? Nope pay us now or death. Maybe they could direct me to the place my pharmacy sent me to that is run by the pharmaceutical company that makes my medication which allows for a free emergency supply to hold me over? That's probably a myth give us money. How awful do you have to be to make a pharmaceutical look like saints. Connecticare is the answer to that.
Sherna Salerno
Probably one of the top 3 WORSE insurance out there. Their costumer service is beyond horrible. I'm a medical biller and I encourage people from getting this insurance because they take forever to pay anything and will deny claims for any reason. They will drop patients without notice. Customer representatives are the rudest people and most of the time can't even understand them. Usually will have a screaming match on the phone for a hour and they hang up mid sentences because they don't have good answers. They say they paid the claims but no actual payment issued, which they barely cover anything in the first place. Not worth the headaches, save your money and go to Aetna or Cigna if you can.
Had strange nausea and a high blood pressure spike (170/100) late January 2022. Called an ambulance. Emergency room found no evidence of heart attack. Released. Emergency room doctor recommended I get a stress test. My doctor recommended a nuclear stress test. Was all set to take it when Connecticare and their army of "medically trained" lawyers denied the test... Thanks Connecticare!!!! I'd have had answers to what's going on 2 months ago! Since then, I haven't been able to even get a simple, conventional stress test via ProHealth Physicians.... A dead from the neck up healthcare provider.... I've had several high blood pressure spikes since January that I can't explain.... I hate the greed-based healthcare system in this damned country.... When are all of us going to rise up and say enough?!