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Christopher Cloos
This is an excellent muay thai gym. Kru Patrick is a great instructor and gym owner. He has a wealth of knowledge on how to perfect your striking. His coaches are well-trained and offer great guidance and instruction. Whether you're a beginner or someone looking to advance, this respectful and family-oriented gym is your best bet.
Hello I have a question,Im 17 and want to learn MMA but am going to pay out of my own pocket, how much will it cost per month and is the clothing free after pay?
Keisha Milligan
This company is ran by THE BEST heart in the business. The majority of the clients are girls, including my daughter. It is teaching her empowerment, commitment, and shpwing what dedication to a sport can do for your confidence. If you are teetering on the edge of depression, hopelessness, loneliness, or boredom (as a child, teen OR adult).. GO THERE!! I promise you or your child won't be disappointed!! It's inspiring. The coaches care and get to know EACH PERSON. They quickly have you feeling like FAMILY!!
Super Human
Hi Chee Her, we appreciate the feedback. We have had a lot of new members in the last couple of months as people have been locked in their homes for over a year due to the pandemic and people were eager to rush out to finally do something positive and engaging. Things have definitely slowed down, though, and we will also be offering more classes to spread out the current members to reduce class size. That being said, our instructors all maybe a genuine effort to learn our student's names and to give all of them 110% of themselves to help our students achieve their goals. As far our classes, we have a very specific formula and rotating curriculum that helps maximize the learning experience of our students so that students become proficient in a very short period of time. Our Beginner warm ups are specific and directly applicable to to each level the student is at. Warms ups are 8 minutes long. Depending on the day and rotation, after warm ups students work on certain techniques through partner drills and/or direct work in line drills with an instructor. Depending on the day, the techniques are reinforced with pad work, mitt or Thai pad work so that student's can understand how to use the techniques delivered with power and speed. We are sorry that you didn't have a positive experience, we are more than happy to refund your money as we want all of our students to have a great experience with us. Please call (209) 451-0485 and we will issue a refund immediately. That being said, we tried looking you up in our system and have no records of you or your child. We also do not have a 5 week program. Perhaps under a different name? Anyways, please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have/had any issues. If not, please take care and good luck wherever you and your child may go. :)
Classes are too big. My kids went for 5 weeks and the instructor still doesnt even know my kids names. They do PE exercises for 15 minutes, learn for 15 minutes, and exercise for another 15 minutes. Waste of money and time.