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Runyonsurfboards reviews

Information about Runyonsurfboards

8 reviews

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Last update: 15.07.2024

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J. G.
Wow, so where to begin; I have so many positive things to say about Clint and the surfboard he made me. I'm new to surfing and had been riding a generic long board that a friend let me borrow. This thing was super massive and hard for me to control and I developed some weird knee pain as a result. I heard about Clint through a friend of mine so I reached out to him about making me a board. I met him in town with my old surf board as he wanted to see what I was currently riding. He took one look at it and was able to accurately diagnose my surfing based off it's shape. He also told me exactly why and how I was hurting my knees. He walked me through every aspect of a surf board and how there's give and take in every design feature; pretty sure I learned more about physics with him than any college course I ever attempted. I wanted to build confidence in my surfing, so he built me a 9ft long board designed to give me better control, more float and something I could turn more easily. Throughout the process he gave me updates, sent photos, and let me come to his shop and be apart of some of the shaping. When it came time to pick it up he had thrown in some surprises and gifts that I was totally not expecting. Fast forward a few weeks later - knee pain was all gone and my board was doing what I was telling it to do. I think I talk to Clint every few weeks; he genuinely cares about his people and wants to help them have the best experience surfing. He's more than an amazing shaper, he's a genuine mentor and a physics guru. You'll get not only a personalized board but a really good friend in the process.
Tyler Podobnik
Clint is a true craftsmen and professional who genuinely cares about the board he is delivering as well as the surfer who is purchasing. Whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer Clint will guide you through the process to make sure the board you are getting will do what you want it too. An absolute gem of a human and truly froths over making boards and hearing how they go! If you are looking to get a quality custom board, shop local and support your local shaper Clint!
julien paillusseau
I bough a Runyon board second hand a few years ago. Hands down one of the best board I ever owned. So I called Clint to make me a new custom one. Not only the finish product is amazing but I couldn't ask for a better experience. From the design to the production and the delivery, Clint was always communicating and making sure I was involved in every part of the process. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Clint for making me a new magic carpet!
Brian Inskip
If you are in the market for a custom, handcrafted board Clint & Runyon Surfboards will do you solid! These sick creations coming out of the Runyon shop are more than boards... it's a total immersive experience that follows you into the sea and takes surfing to another level. Every time I hang ten I get to relive the experience and appreciate that I'm mingling with mother nature on something built by hand... by a military Veteran no less.... I'm telling you that adds a whole different element to surfing. I reached out to Clint to chat about a board and he walked me through the options. His knowledge and experience helped me land on a 6'11' REQUIRMENT that we tweaked the design here and there to get it just right for me. There is no other board just like it. It has proved to be a versatile piece of my arsenal for light and heavy days. In a world and industry that has largely moved toward mass production and commercialization... Clint takes it back to the roots and embraced quality, hand crafted masterpieces. That nostalgia is not lost on me. All you've got to do is scroll through his site and browse the work he's putting out to know there is something really special about what he's doing. If you are in the market for a new board give Clint a shout and I will see you in the surf!
Ian Wiggins
Clint recently shaped a board for me. I have been surfing for awhile, and had a few shapers that I considered friends shape boards for me. None have come close to the level of care and customer service quality of Clint Runyon. Not only does he hand shape and glass each board himself (while competitors rarely do all of this), but he pours his soul into each board as if it were his own. His love for his craft shows. You will not only not regret ordering a Runyon Surfboard, but you will be doing yourself a favor for doing so!