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Umbrellabuilding reviews

Information about Umbrellabuilding

46 reviews

The opinions come from external websites

Last update: 22.07.2024

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Nate Brooks
I had started to live in the umbrella building in December 2020. Upon moving in there were issues and concerns that I had with the building. Some time after moving in the property management company changed to Core Realty. The issues continued for sometime in mid 2021. However, towards the end of 2021 the changes that Core implemented started to pay off and gradually I started to feel more at home and comfortable with how the Umbrella building was being ran through and through. With that being said I just renewed my lease to stay in the umbrella building.
Samantha Waronker
Management is absolutely absolutely terrible. I have been trying to get my security deposit back since March. I finally spoke to a woman named Honor on the phone on August 6 and she was incredibly rude and extremely unprofessional. She continued to cut me off while I was trying to explain what the issue was and eventually a coworker of hers named Jennifer looked up my file and realized that I was supposed to be getting my deposit back. I was rudely told by Honor my check would be ready for pick up in 1-2 weeks and I would receive a phone call. Its now been 5 weeks and I have heard nothing. Ive been calling the office and no one picks up the phone probably bc they know they owe god knows how many people money. The complete inability to do their jobs and communicate in a timely manner is disgusting and the shady manner that they try and illegally swindle people out of their security deposits once they move out is disgusting. I would highly recommend people look elsewhere for housing And shame on Honor for being so rude and aggressive. The fact that someone acts like that towards past and present tenets is alarming.
David Shaffer
7/25 (Original review): I am sad to say I do not recommend you sign a lease with Core Realty at the Umbrella Building. My wife and I enjoyed the space, amenities, and the front desk/maintenance staff a lot. We were good tenants - followed the rules - never missed a rent payment. The reason for this 1 star review stems from the horrendous job the management team does. I could supply a decent list of emails where I reach out to Jennifer to ask for help on something and never hear back. Sometimes after three times of following up you'll hear something. Other times you need to just barge down into the management office (which they discourage you from doing) just to get in touch with someone. Now I find myself in the same situation as other reviewers here. We moved out about 4 weeks ago and have been completely ghosted by the management team (including Jennifer) regarding our security deposit. ZERO communication from them on when or if at all we should expect it. 8/5 Update: New Property Manager who just started, Honor Landi, has been very responsive and helpful in getting us our security deposit back (still never heard from Jennifer). Hopefully she will be the change in management that was needed in really the only issue I had during my time there.
Tyler Bocan
Hi Tyler, Thanks for your wonderful review! We are so happy you are enjoying living at the Umbrella Building! Umbrella Building Management
I love living here! The building is beautiful! The staff is so nice- any issues I have they fix it immediately. I plan on living here for awhile.
I agree with all the negative reviews. Please do not rent here. Nothing is "luxurious" about these apartments. Our 1 year lease of $1750 for a 1bd 1bth apt with the umbrella building was a never ending nightmare, and unprofessional and unresponsive management was to blame. Please stay far away from this place, and do not trust Alexandra Eisenlohr, Jennifer Shorts, and Kathy Parisi. The company Core Realty doesn't care about the concerns, safety, or well being of their tennants. Don't believe me? Just check how many vacant apartments they have. Speaks volumes about the quality of their facilities. Do not be fooled by the upscale lobby. My advice if you do plan on renting from here is to document everything. Take pictures of your apartment before you sign your lease, make sure you do a walk through before you end your lease, and above all make sure you get your security deposit back within 30 days of vacating your apartment. They will try tactics to keep your security deposit. They must provide you an itemized list of damages within 30 days. If they do not return your security deposit in that time, you are entitled by pa law for up to double your security deposit. Cons: - Management won't answer emails or calls. You would have to find them in the hallway to even get a response. They don't honor anything written in their lease, and do not enforce lease rules. They will lie to you and pretend that they are working on your concerns and dodge all follow up. They will never assume responsibility for their incompetence. - We were not provided with a key fob for months, and the one we were given was not functional, took forever to be fixed, we would be trapped outside the apartment building waiting for others to open the door - Apartment needed major repairs, windows wouldn't open, fixtures were falling off the walls, shotty construction - Our apartment was infested with ants, we had to beg management to send an exterminator after spending $$$ on our own to remove the ants - Neighbors are very disrespectful about quiet hours, and would throw parties every week, even on weekdays until 4 am - Neighbors would smoke marijuana and cigarettes which permeates through the vents to our apartment and the common space hallways - Management's response to noise and odor complaints would be to call the police, no actual action taken place on their behalf - No one wears masks in public spaces, elevators, or the gym. Even the front desk staff wouldn't be wearing masks - The grills on the roof are filthy, and never cleaned - They tried towing our car and placing a sticker which was a nuisance to remove even though we were paying $50 a month for parking, and they don't respond to emails as to where to park (3 emails sent) - They are still emailing us to this day to pay rent, even though we have moved out Pros: - Front desk staff are very kind, and assist with packages - Maintenance would be quick to solve repairs when using the portal - View from the rooftop deck is beautiful - The shower is very nice? That's about it