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Highpointcommunityapartments reviews

Information about Highpointcommunityapartments

9 reviews

The opinions come from external websites

Last update: 24.07.2024

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Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey, sorry for your experience. Please reach out to [email protected]. We would like to discuss your situation. Thanks!
This property has the potential to be a great place to live (location is awesome), but it's severely understaffed. When Covid 19 really hit Memphis back in March of last year I have literally only seen 2 people working part and/or full time at this property. There are issues that need to be addressed. Parking is limited and the basic up keep of the property has much to be desired (just to name 2). In my opinion, This is just another example of a company operating under capacity to achieve more with less and collecting rent (over-priced) trumps all other issues concerning this property. Explore other options, I should have opted out. Lesson Learned!!!
Mr Gunhawugh, sorry for your experience. It appears we have addressed all of your work orders in a timely fashion, but please reach out to our Corporate office at [email protected] if there is something specific we can do.
This is by far the WORST apartment experience I have ever had. DO NOT move here. I moved here on the first September in 2018 as a last choice because I was about to have my son and when I first moved in there was a different apartment manager and she was really cool, but when I was shown the apartment, I was shown a two bedroom instead of a one bedroom that I was supposed to move too and I was not able to see the apartment I would be living in until two weeks before I moved in, after already paying the deposit, I moved in and shortly after the apartment got a new manager who is horrible. The ceiling in my bathroom started to cave in and leak from water damage and they came in to fix it but only patched it up, now almost a year later, it is still there and mold is growing around it, around Christmas time, the whole heat and air unit stopped working so therefore I had to run my own little space heater just to be warm, the water heater broke and my carpets are soaking wet but no one will fix it, they just patch over problems, my closet door is completely broken and underneath my sink is leaking and smells like sewer water but no one will fix it, my bathtub is peeling and looks horrible, my car got broken into by another tenant but the apartment manager refuses to do anything about it, and they are charging me $20 over normal rent price for all these problems and continue to laugh at me everytime I try to do something about the problems. Not to mention that Ive seen many roaches in here as well as the potholes and parking in the lot are horrible, they will get mad at you for parking on the side yet they dont provide any parking spots for you, as well as the people the live around here are very sketchy and suspicious. And only the front of the building is kept up with, the whole back of the building is trashy. On top of the fact that the walls are paper thin and whenever someone is talking or playing music, you can literally hear every word that is said. The police have been here multiple times as well since I have lived here.
A.E Tatum
Hi A.E. I am not able to locate your tenant file. If you are a resident and have a complaint, please reach out to [email protected] and we will address as quickly as possible.
It sucks
High Point Tenant
Save yourself the headache and do NOT move here! Building is honestly infested with roaches, professional pest control has sprayed my unit over six times within the past 4 months and still continue to see huge cockroaches (that fly, might I add). Did I mention that I've only lived here since August? I don't even cook in my unit anymore out of fear of attracting roaches. Before the former property manager quit, she mentioned that the units below me had solicited pest control services. In short, it's not me, it's them (or the entire property). Aside from seeing bugs, the building, overall, is problematic. Only the front of the property is kept up. In the back, where most vacancies occur, is extremely unkempt. My neighbor talks and raps loudly to his self and chain smokes cigarettes outside of his unit. Other residents get into shouting matches with each other as early as 7 a.m. I moved here because of its close proximity to University of Memphis, where i'm attending to work on my Master's. I now wish I would have rethought this move all together. Please do yourself a favor and don't move here. Save yourself the headache. It's priced so reasonable for a reason! This is NOT a gamble you want to take. After doing some research, these apartments have been renamed and renovated twice. It was once called "Highland Gardens" then "Blair House Apartments" ALL the reviews under these names speak to the true testament of living here. They probably changed the name to rebrand. Please, don't be fooled by the random 5 star or 4 star reviews.
John Planchon
Hi John, we are so glad you are pleased with your experience at High Point Apartments. Thank you for this great review and recommendation we will continue to strive everyday to offer our residents the most pleasant living experience and overall quality of life.
Great staff and beautiful property. The recent renovations are amazing