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Royshunta Thomas
Hi Royshunta, I'm sorry you didn't have a better selling experience with us. We try to be transparent about our pricing - we usually offer sellers about a third for what we price an item for. If we price a dress for $12, we would offer the seller about $4. We do have a markup on our prices so we can cover expenses like rent and staff, and stay in business.
They rip off sellers brand new things that are in season they give you pennies. Then they sale it for 99% profit. Might as well donate it to an orphanage for free.
true Facts
This is so strange! We would only ever do a price like this if the tag was missing. But if the tag was on the jeans and said $12, the price is $12. If you still have the tags and receipt, bring it in and we can do a price adjustment.
This was my first time here they do have good clothes Dont get me wrong but I came in looking for pants and the tag had came off I brought it up to the counter with the pants I wanted and the lady said let me ask my manger how much it was her manager had said it was $16 but on the tag it was $12 its not a big difference but for the price to change on me it is I didnt want to say anything there as it was my first time and I thought mabye thats how they do it but nope its not.
Simpli Cole
They don't really go through your clothes and if they do, when you receive it back its ransacked. My items where folded nicely when I dropped them and can't even carry it back to my car after because everything was coming off the bags. Atleast put it back nicely or folded. Totally not recommended.
Katrina Rose
Hi Katrina, I think you may have the wrong Plato's Closet... we haven't had an employee named Katrina in years and yeas. But this is definitely alarming and we want to know more about it! If you worked at a location in the Cincinnati and Dayton area, we always call for an exit interview. Please take this opportunity and give us the brutal truth so if there is a problem we can get it fixed!
This job was fun until it became hell. The only hope you had coming into work was if your going to run clothes the whole time and that mentally was horrifying. Would even keep me up at nights. This job was utterly ridiculous.
Ronica Dill
Hi Ronica, I am so sorry to hear this! We will do an extra clean today to get the store back in shape. Thank you for letting us know, and we hope you will give us another chance soon!
Dirty and smelled bad