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Receptra Naturals
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Receptra Naturals reviews

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Nathan Quarry
Receptra has changed my life. It's that simple. I've had ten major surgeries and was on high levels of opioids and nerve anti-inflammatories and then was introduced to Receptra's CBD. I am now completely drug free and my sciatica is 10% of what it once was. And because I'm feeling so much better I'm back in the gym training again. I take the tincture, put an eye dropper amount under my tongue, let it soak in for a few minutes and that's it. For me it cuts down the inflammation and the aches in pains I deal with daily. Take it for a couple weeks. Let it build up in your system. It works. I've used the nighttime "Serious Rest" for sleep as well. I find it helps me reach a deeper sleep and I wake up more rested. I HIGHLY recommend Receptra.
Valerie Wong
Love all the products I get from Receptra! Their topical and nightime gummies have been my favorite, as soon as I apply thr topical on a sore area I feel some relief. The gummies have helped me with a deeper sleep so I feel more rested in the mornings. The Pet dropper is also great for when we take my dog on long drives to help his anxiety. Appreciate all the care they put into the results of all the products.
Reico R
Ive been using the relax cbd oil and targeted topical stick for 3 months now. When I first began using it i immediately noticed my muscles were more relaxed. The cbd oil had this calming effect that releases tension in the muscle This product also smells good. Many cbd products dont have the greatest smell so I appreciate the attention to detail on this aspect. To help achieve greater absorption I use this product as soon as I get out of the shower before I dry off. The serious relief targeted topical stick provides relief you can feel in minutes. Sore muscles, no problem and its also helped in areas around my knees and ankles where Ive had inflammation from overuse. Ive noticed reduced inflammation which speeds up recovery and the healing process.
Grant Gaddy
Receptra is my go to for hemp products, both for myself and my 3 dogs. I have two little girls (15 lbs) and one big fella (75 lbs) and they all love the Receptra Pet Tincture. The Big Fella is going through treatment for cancer and he gets his doses daily to help with his immune system and he gets an extra dose on his chemo days. He was diagnosed over a year ago and was given a fairly short timeline, so I do believe that adding the CBD to his traditional treatment has helped. If nothing else, it has increased his tolerance of the chemo treatments. Before I started giving him a dose on chemo days, he was anxious to go to the vet, but now he gets excited to go and knows it's nothing to worry about. I also give the lower dose Pet Tincture to my little girls, as they used to be terribly anxious during car rides, but with a few drops in their morning meal before a long ride, they enjoy the rides. And that's just my dogs! I also use the Receptra Targeted Topical after I work out, hike, ski or golf to help with aches and pains and it seems to work better than my previous regiment of ibuprofen/icy hot/hoping for the best. Couldn't recommend this company more, they're all super easy to work with and they definitely have the most competitive prices for the level of quality they provide.
karim rasool
Thank you so much! We are really happy to be a part of the family!
Receptra Naturals CBD is a must have in our household! Our puppies, my wife and myself all use daily. It has helped our 15 year old Yorkie regain some of her youth. It helps me with my chronic knee and back pain, as well as reducing my anxiety and stress levels. I strongly recommend Receptra Naturals to anyone that'll listen.