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Last update: 14.07.2024

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Jonathan Bennett
Patrick Best was communicative throughout the entire process, from the initial engagement, through to the final resolution. The fee he charged was negligible compared to what we saved by retaining his services.
Tracy Corchado
Working with Attorney Riegel for one of my clients. Not an easy case due to past history. So far, beyond pleased. Previously had the pleasure of speaking with Attorney Best, who advised me on a financial issue. Also extremely satisfied. You get what you pay for. Great attorneys , totally worth it
Ryan Kelly
We're sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, we do charge consultation fees for certain areas of law. In these cases we do apply the consultation fee toward any retainer fee and in many cases, the consultation is sufficient to provide the advice needed. A number of our five star reviews here are from satisfied clients who only needed a consultation.
They charge money before getting in the door, so to speak. They want you to pay for an hour consultation before discussing any facts about your case. Sounds shady. Most firms will hear you out and decide if your case is worth it, for free, before asking you to commit money (and it usually doesnt take an hour). Not sure if this technically violates the Canon of Ethics for the bar where you live but be warned as many of the negative reviews here say they were charged for being told things they already knew and would have to do themselves. True or not, if you're going to pay, might as well call around first before using these Arm Chair lawyers. EDIT: The response from the owner is a good illustration of applying different pay standards for different types of clients. This response and the email I got from Mr. Patrick Best suggests that I was one of the unlucky ones to be asked to pay the initial consultation fee. Why? Who knows, but based on the nature of my issue, there is no way it would be resolved in one brief phone call (which the email response I got infers it will; though an experienced attorney in this area of law I would think would know better because of legal requirements)., so I believe they're just trying to make a quick buck for a "consultation" that will ultimately go nowhere. Look, I have no problem paying an attorney to resolve an issue for me. If he had told me something like, "yeah we get cases like yours all the time, and I'll have this resolved for you for about $XYZ dollars", then I'll sign right then and there. But if you're playing a "hide the ball" game and pretending like most of your cases are resolved in a consultation but not actually really looking at my issue, then all this really tells me is that you don't care. You'll likely just take my money to give generic advice, in which case you're wasting my time, when in fact I really should just be talking with the more direct and respectable first type of lawyer mentioned above instead of playing the consultation game. Gosh, remember when the law used to be a noble profession?
Denise Riccio
Arm Lawyers has been a lifesaver to me!! They are extremely knowledgeable and have kept me in the loop every step of the way. I must say that Kate is wonderful! She answers every question I have in a quick timely manner- sometimes in minutes!! She has listened to my heartache and empathizes while telling me what needs to be done next. I definitely recommend them :)
Will tha Real Good Man
This place is a clown show. Had to deal with a family issue and they did as much as I could have done by myself. And at the end of the day they charge me an arm and a leg for something I could have done myself. I see positive reviews but please do not go here for paternity or Family Matters.