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Eric Wank
Great Quality work, a pleasure to work with. Kat is great to work with, upfront on timing, and will go out of her way to help us out. We drive specifically from a nearby town because her quality is so top-notch. Thank You!
Kari Elliott
Unfortunately, we have called many times with regard to your order and have received no response from you. I would have hoped that you would have stopped by at some point instead of posting here on Google. We are not only out the income but the time in doing the job as well as trying to contact you. We wish you the best. Thank you.
Zero stars. Still waiting on order from August 2020 to be done!! She still has all my pieces and won't return phone calls. Don't trust this place, it's a scam.
Good Morning! Unfortunately, some of your facts are not correct. Your fiance was told at the time he placed the order that as soon as it was complete we would call. I also included that the typical turn around is 7-10 business days. That will not include weekends which was only mentioned because of him stating that it had been 2 weeks from drop off. Unfortunately, it is taking longer as there is only 1 operator due to the pandemic. During business hours when the machine are running I do not hear the phones and calling everyone with an update takes a tremendous amount of time away from actually getting the orders done. It makes more sense to call when we have a finished product. It is unfortunate but it is necessary to prioritize these things. I am glad he was able to get them completed. As a small business owner I do my very best to give my customers quality embroidery at reasonable prices. Thank you.
Would not recommend this business to anyone in town. My fiancé dropped off two vests two weeks ago today and was told his items would be done within a week. After three phone calls to the business with no return calls to any, he decided to stop by the store today and pick them up. The business owner was extremely rude, made it very clear to my fiancé she had seen the calls yet never bothered to answer/return a call and kindly tell him these items were still in process of being completed. She kept telling him she does not work weekends and made it seem like that was why she got not gotten his order done. My fiancé took his items and looked up other businesss in town, found a very kind in home business that told him to drop his items off right then and had them done in 30 minutes and charged him a great price!
SeNora B
Hello! Thank you for your review. Contacting a larger company will always get a response as they have someone who only has 1 job. Answer the phone. As far as a quote, it is impossible because everything is custom. Between 250 different styles of lettering to just the shear size of the embroidery itself will change a price dramatically. I hope they turned out just as you had envisioned. Thank you.
Would probably never do business here! I was looking around to have some robes embroidered w/simple 3 letter monogram. I called her shop first at it appeared to have good reviews and being a smaller shop (thinking it was perfect for the job). I called, no answer and got the machine. Called a bigger embroidery company in the same city and they were very polite, gave a quote, and even offered to order the robes instead of me buying them first. I still wanted a comparative price so I called 2 more times to Kat, both with no answer. I then get a call back asking "if I needed something?" Well of course; that would be the reason to call a business? Anyhow, I advised I needed a quote and was told they don't do quotes over the phone. I said Ok - thanks and that was the end! She must not want or need the business because you'd think she'd try to give times/dates that she's available; ask what I was looking to have done: give her address...NOTHING! No customer service needless to say; I'll be going w/the other company! Her loss..or lack of!