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Juan Delvalle
Hey Juan! We are sorry that this happened to you and we did fix the situation by giving you your money back. The vehicle does have low mileage, 87,374 when sold to you. That is on the dash as well as the title and Carfax. No comment on the tow except it was AAA, not sure why they charged you $650 as normally between 100-200 miles is included so I would speak to them. No refusal was made to help with tow cost, you were told by the manager that he'd speak to the owner and see what could be done about the tow cost, no need to update you on that at this point in time. Unfortunately we have limited knowledge on Hybrid vehicles and were unsure of the issue it was having that you described. That is why we requested for you to have the code read by someone in your area in case it was something minor. No he is not reselling it to someone else by merely resetting the code, that is not a practice that we partake in. Also that really wouldnt make any sense as wed be right back in this same spot with someone else. We have hired an outside mechanic to take a look at it to see what is going on, it could be something as small as a fuse, could be a battery. Again sorry you had this experience and its unfortunate that even after you fix a situation a consumer still needs to leave such a poor rating. 5 stars isnt expected as you did not have a perfect experience but the situation was resolved. As stated on all paperwork you signed, All Sales Are Final, As-Is, so we didnt have to do anything but since you had literally just bought the car it is morally and ethically right that we did and because we stand behind our cars. I am a firm believer in letting people know where they may have an issue with a small business, but I also believe that you should state when a small business also try's to make it right. Have a blessed day and wish you the best in the future.
April 27,2022 I traveled 95 miles to purchased a 2006 blue toyota prius for 7,200.The car was supposed to have low mileage( 87,000). I left the dealership with the car . I reached my house a red triangle light appeared on the dash I called Jeffrey and he recommended me to call my mechanic but I refused and I had the car towed ( after $650.00 tow which he refused to pay) to his dealership. Minutes later he texted me by mistake offering the car to someone else he's just resetting the computer on the car.
Jamar Spence
Hey Jamar! Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so happy we were able to assist you in your purchase. You were just as awesome and a pleasure to speak with. Enjoy your new vehicle and really enjoy your other car now that it has a few less items in it
Great Dealer! Jessica was awesome! Fair, honest and friendly. They Received my tags in less than a week. I recommend
Laura Schott
Hey Laura! I am sorry this has happened to you. As far as a faulty engine if there is a known issue it is corrected prior to selling but unfortunately we cannot know when an engine is going to go. We would never sell a vehicle with a known engine issue unless clearly stated in the listing. Mileage isnt always an indicator of a good or bad engine. We would have no way of knowing that an engine would stop working in six months, nine months, 2 years, etc. and that is one of the tricky things about vehicles. We just pulled a vehicle from our inventory the other day due to an issue that arose while listed on our lot until it is fixed. We do always encourage our customers to touch base with us if/when an issue should arise so that we may assist you the best way we can. New Diamond stands behind their vehicles. So if youd like to give the office a call in the morning we would love to speak to you. Thank you for your time and have a blessed evening.
I bought a car here in March, yesterday I got news that the engine was done. I took very good care of my car in the 9 months I had it. Changed the oil on time, drove it less than 10,000 miles since having it, didnt do any off roading or anything crazy in it, etc. I find it hard to believe that there werent any signs of a faulty engine when it was sold to me. A car that is well taken care of and in good condition should go well beyond 106,000 miles. The employees are friendly but be cautious with the cars you buy here. Very disheartening to have spent a good portion of my savings to buy a car just to be car-less again in less than a year.
Jacky Smith
Hey Jacky! Thank you so much for your kind words. They are truly appreciated. We wish you and the family Happy Holidays!
Honest dealership. Repaired car when check engine light came on hours after purchase. Friendly.