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Tasha Sherrell
I will never sell them anything else. They like to low ball on good items and turn around and sell them for $70 or $80.. I had like three blue Jean jackets that's never been worn and they didn't want them
Emma Pettis
Sometimes they refuse cute, quality items and I am confused why. All in all I can find outfits for most occasions here and it is well organized.
Lynette Malo
So the people were nice I didn't have a problem with anybody that worked there, my problem is with what it says on the website! Is that they pay "you" 30% to 40% of what you paid for the items but that's not true at all they offered me $24!!!!!!! For 3 pairs of brand new men's Nike shorts, 2 pairs of shoes, one Under Armor one Polo, 2 brand new belts and a brand new Columbia jacket! That is way below 30% to 40%!
Linda Hollin
Tall tan girl with dyed red and brown curly hair had the most horrendous attitude. Why work a mostly retail job where you are the face of the company to customers when you dont even have the decency to respond to someone telling you thank you or to have a nice day? She also threw my clothes bags down very aggressively when I entered and seemed like she was hiding the items in the bucket they wanted to keep. I had to pull it toward me to be able to look through and check what they were keeping as she was just tipping it not showing anything. One item was draped on the top and was she letting go of the bucket for me to look it was super weird. Other reviews state they returned home to find missing items they werent paid out for. Seems like something like that was about to happen. Make sure you check everything if you do decide to go here. More attitude arose when I asked for multiple items back because the cost they were going to pay for them was dirt. I didnt see them in the bucket even, but immediately saw they werent in the return bags and the associate knew right where to grab them from the bucket she was keeping secret on her side of the counter. The associate then aggressively whips out white out and starts scribbling all over my payout receipt seeming super mad that I wanted some items back. Isnt that how this works? The seller chooses? She probably wanted to keep what I wanted back. Just a glare was the curly haired associates response to me saying thank you so much for everything, have a great day. Definitely said it loud enough to be heard. Be prepared for bratty and immature associates and basically theft in what they offer for your items. Website and phone greeting advertise they pay out 1/3 of item cost. NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!!!!!!! More like 1/30 of the cost. Tags on or not. For reference, I let them keep 9 items including a north face (only worn 3 times) and 8 designer shirts from Nordstrom (originally $50-$100 each) and left with less than $50 paid out. I only left these items because they dont fit anymore so might as well get something for them quickMaybe their system that calculates how much you get per item was down and the uneducated girls guessed because it was shocking to hear the price quoted for items after seeing what they were charging in store. They make you feel like they are buying garbage from you for pennies and will assuredly turn it around for 5x that price, treating it like gold once you leave. Pretty sure I know a word for that it starts with s and ends with cam. Glad to say I wont be coming back and will warn anyone I know or meet to never give them their business. Reader of this review, you have been warned!!!!! If anything, avoid working with that horrible lady who was tall with short, curly hair and ugly attitude. She should not work there or in any customer service job and whoever hired her should be questioned.