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Grueneacreswebdesign reviews

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Bryan Kosuda
Bryan, Thank you for your wonderful words. Our goal has always been to watch our clients grow and continually increase their visibility.
I have been very pleased with my new website by Gruene Acres web design. I provide a custom service and it is very important to have a web presence that could reach a particular clientele. Caryn and her team have excellent ideas and provide attention to detail. They also organize your written information as well as photos that is easy for a potential client to view. Many times, clients have commented on how much they enjoyed viewing my new website. I am expanding my website with a plant library (Caryn's idea) and can't wait to begin! Thank you for the continued support. Sincerely, Bryan Kosuda, owner Paradise Landscapes
Jason Evans
Good Morning Jason, Thank you for the wonderful review. My clients are my greatest treasure. Caryn
I have worked with Caryn for 10 years in all facets of web development and design, and she had always impressed. I would recommend her services to anyone.
chris barecky
Chris thank you for the kind comments. We enjoy seeing our clients become successful.
Colonia del Rey RV Sales, LLC. has been working with Gruene Acres for over 10 yrs. They make it easy for us as a one stop shop to handle all of our website needs. They maintain & design our website with the latest technology& changing market trends to stay at the leading edge of the always changing aspects of having a great all around internet presence. We really like how our website is unique, customized & doesn't look, cookie cutter, like so many others. They also handle the SEO & target marketing to help bring us more customers. I highly recommend them to anyone.
RichWorldWide - Inside Sales
We have worked with Gruene Acres and Caryn Maus since 2008. At present, we have over 25 websites and Gruene Acres has been instrumental to our business growth by assisting us with everything from web development and design, search engine optimization, marketing strategies, etc. I would certainly recommend Gruene Acres for your web development and marketing strategies. Gruene Acres Web Design and Caryn Maus have become a trusted partner!
J M Surra
I'm an author from San Antonio. On December 5th of 2013, I contracted with Caryn Maus and Barbara Maus of Gruene Acres website building - in Gruene/New Braunfels, TX area for the building of a new author's website, and to provide me with promotional elements such as advertising, search engine optimization, and a retractable banner for book signing tours. I provided them with a $2,000 deposit. She promised it would be done very quickly, with the absolute latest date of completion being the end of February (Today's date is April 18th). That date came and went, and despite my urgings, they could not produce any evidence that they had done any real work on the website. We had numerous phone conversations, and she assured me she was taking notes throughout, but subsequent conversations revealed that she retained almost nothing of what we discussed during those calls. Each week, she promised it would be up and viewable by the next week. Each subsequent week inevitably yielded no results whatsoever, except for two occasions, and each of those times it was clear that she'd put perhaps an hour of work into it; simply posting a few of the photographs or text content I'd provided, and even those were posted mostly in the wrong places. One week ago, she wrote me, saying that I'd made it clear that I didn't believe she would finish it (really? I wonder why?), and because of that she was backing out of the deal. She went on to say she would provide me with the content. I asked for the refund of my deposit, but I have heard nothing, other than discovering that she has disabled access to what little there is of the site. Anticipating this, I took photos of the website before she disabled access to it, so I could show a judge how very little she'd accomplished, and to show that the material is of little monetary value to me, since 98% of it was content that I originally provided to her. The only one who did any work on this website was me. I'm going to be taking Gruene Acres and Ms. Maus to court and attempt to recover my money. I don't hold out great hope of recovering it, as they've built a firewall against litigation by forming an LLC. Don't let them draw you in - it's clear that their job isn't to design websites, rather that they are predatory and rip people off for a living. Jim Surra (author J.M. Surra)